UnionPay Expands its Mobile Payments App into Hong Kong and Macau

UnionPay announced that it has started to offer its mobile services to customers in Hong Kong and Macau, in a move that is said to meet increasing payment needs brought by the exchanges between Hong Kong/Macau and the Chinese mainland.

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6 Blockchain Projects That Gives a Snapshot of Shanghai’s Booming Blockchain Scene

Despite the crackdown on cryptocurrency by the Chinese Government the blockchain scene is thriving in China. Over the past 3 months the government of China has invested over US $ 3 billion in blockchain focused funds. It is reported that

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Open Fintech Jobs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

For people who are interested in Fintech and looking for a job in this one of the top 3 fastest growing industries, we’re now listing some open Fintech jobs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Fintech Jobs in Hong Kong

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