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How China’s Virtual Banks Are Offering Loans to Micro-Businesses Within Minutes

In China, online lenders are filling the credit gap, leveraging cutting edge technology including artificial intelligence (AI) to make lending decision in just a second. E-commerce giant Alibaba’s MyBank and Internet conglomerate Tencent’s WeBank, have dramatically changed the domestic financial

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MYbank Will Share Its Risk Management & AI Data With 1K Financial Institutions In China

Alibaba-backed MYbank, a Chinese online bank with a focus on lending, announced that it will be opening up its artificial intelligence, computing and risk management capabilities to financial institutions in China, in what is called their Star Plan. Through these

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Top 50 Digital Only Banks Ranking 2017

The Financial IT magazine unveiled the Digital Only Bank Ranking in their latest special magazine for Sibos & Money 20/20. They mention that this ranking of digital banks is largely subjective. It is based on three criteria: media coverage of the

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