Top 50 Digital Only Banks Ranking 2017

Top 50 Digital Only Banks Ranking 2017

by October 13, 2017

The Financial IT magazine unveiled the Digital Only Bank Ranking in their latest special magazine for Sibos & Money 20/20.

They mention that this ranking of digital banks is largely subjective. It is based on three criteria: media coverage of the digital bank in question; apparent numbers of employees; and an assessment of the overall impact of the digital bank.

They are also asking in their magazine: “One question is: what do potential customers of the digital banks really want? Are they primarily looking for low cost solutions, and benefits from the branchless nature of the digital banks? Alternatively, are the customers looking mainly for a user experience that is only possible with cutting edge technology?”

Now lets find out who made it into the Top 10 (Scroll Down):

Top 50 Digital Only Banks Ranking 2017

50. Zazu Bank

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Perseus Miambo

Zazu is a digital money account that keeps you in the know. Zazu gives you instant updates of your spending on its companion app, available on Android and iOS. It automatically categorises your spending, allows you to set savings goals, pay friends instantly, and much more.

49. Taqanu

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Perseus Miambo

Taqanu is opening the financial ecosystem for anyone by using a blockchain based digital ID to enable financial inclusion and create equal opportunities. It is a simple financial solution that aims to become a banking service that anyone can use once they have established a digital identity to granular standards. It uses the digital footprint to identify and authenticate people with a very high degree of accuracy and use this newly created digital ID to onboard people to a banking solution. The self-sovereign digital ID gives the ownership of data to our customers with the use of blockchain technology and encryption.

48. Jenius


Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): BTPN parent company

Jenius is a mobile banking channel created to deliver to the needs of the ever changing consumer who wants convenience on the move.

47. YoloLite


Inception: 2014 | Founder(s): Ravi Patel

YoloPay is the first digital banking solution designed for families. Designed for busy families with children or domestic helpers, families can now transfer money instantly and for free amongst the household and then spend responsibly using Visa prepaid debit cards.

46. Altyn-i


Inception: 2017

Altyn-i is an online bank, a separately created brand of JSC “Altyn Bank”. JSC “Altyn Bank”, a subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, has been present on the Kazakhstan market since 1998. In the past it is known as “HSBC Bank Kazakhstan JSC”. Altyn Bank’s ratings are at the same level with the parent structure of Halyk Bank, which indicates stability and trust in the organization.



Inception: 2017

CANDI aims to provide an end-to-end digital experience to customers. The most eye-catching feature of the digital bank is the infusion of AI. A humanoid has been introduced in the branch to addresses basic queries of customers on banking products and services. With this innovative approach, the bank becomes the first in the public sector category to initiate AI in banking.

44. Neat Ltd

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): David Rosa, Igor Wos

Neat is faster, friendlier and more modern than a bank. The idea behind Neat is “lots of people aren’t getting the help they deserve when it comes to managing their finances”. Neat allows customers to open new accounts in just 10 minutes and everything can be done through the app from anywhere in the world. Customers do not have to waste time visiting a branch. Neat’s customers have access to Neat MasterCard, online or offline, and get the best exchange rate for over 50. With Neat customers can send money to their friends instantly. Split the bill when they ate out for dinner or on a trip with friends.

43. Bettr Finance

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Tobie van Zyl, Angus Brown and Andrzej Stempowski

We’re a fintech company with the vision to financially empower those who know their worth. How? By providing tech and tools that improve the way you bank, save, borrow, insure and invest your money. If you believe you deserve better than the traditional financial system, join us in the future. Where finance is more transparent, flexible, responsible and meaningful.

42. Koho

Inception: 2014 | Founder(s): Daniel Eberhard

Koho is a high profile FinTech company backed by some of the leading investors and advisors across Canada and Silicon Valley. More than 9,500 Canadians have signed up to join Koho and we’re bringing our no-fee, modern, mobile alternative to market. Koho offers the Koho Visa* Prepaid Card and mobile app that together allow users to manage daily financial needs (direct paycheque load, bill pay, atm cash withdrawals, etc.), while offering tools such as automated savings goals, real-time updates, transfers, spending insights and categorizations and much more

41. Ummah Finance

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Martin Luther Maramba, Hassan Waqar

Ummah Finance is set out on a mission to change the way Muslims in the UK bank. We are building a mobile bank which will incorporate all the features of a standard bank but making it Sharia Compliant.

40. GoBank 

Inception: 2013 | Founder(s): Sam Altman, Alok Deshpande

GoBank is an online bank that offers cash and direct deposits, photo check deposits, an ATM network, and more. It was founded in 2013 and is based in Monrovia, California.

39. Bankiton!

Inception: 2014 | Founder(s): Mikko Riikkinen, Perttu Kröger, Lauri Eskola

Bankiton! provides consumers smart way to compare and switch retail banking services, by simply chatting in social media apps. Our AI-powered recommendation engine and simple chat interface makes finding best fit banking solutions a breeze for consumers, whilst providing risk-free option for financial service providers to attract the type of customers they prefer to have.

38. Bank-Genie

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Ramkumar Sarma

Bank-Genie a FinTech startup based out of Singapore. Bank-Genie’s vision is to simplify rudimentary branch banking using technological innovation. Our present innovations are Bank-Genie : Our Flagship solution for Banks to reduce CAPEX for installation of new branches. Bank-Genie helps banks open branches anywhere from Malls to supermarkets. Genie-Teller helps Banks to innovatively manage NO Q and improve productivity in the Banking Halls. Its the modern “NO Q management”.

37. Crypterium

Inception: 2017 | Founder(s): Gleb Markov, Vladimir Gorbunov, Austin Kimm

Cryptobank for cryptopeople. Date of ICO launch – October 31, 2017.

36. Osper 

Inception: 2012 | Founder(s): Alick Varma

Osper is a prepaid debit card and mobile banking service empowering young people to manage their money responsibly by instilling good financial habits from an early age. It offers a safe MasterCard prepaid debit card and a simple mobile banking app with separate logins for young people and parents. All money on Osper is safely managed by a European regulated bank. Its application runs on Android and Apple devices that also include any iOS device running 6.0 or higher

35. Touch Bank

Inception: 2015

Touch Bank is an online banking startup launched in Russia by a European banking group (OTP Group). Touch Bank is creating a non-conventional bank beyond traditional brick-and-mortar limitations. No branches, no queues, no annoying paperwork – all services shall be provided over the Internet and smartphone apps with strong digital support, and exceptional customer support. Ease of use and convenience for clients are our top priorities.

34. KUDI

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Babatunde Babs Ogundey

We are building a Pan African Digital Bank. A bank without boundaries, a bank that allows you access to your money (and our money) whenever you need it. We recently launched our first product, an online lending platform that allows you to access finance from the comfort of anywhere you happen to be. Our vision for lending is to make finance more accessible, our desire is to over time lower the cost and barriers to consumer lending.

33. GoHenry

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Alex Zivoder

GoHenry is a service that helps teach children how to manage and save their money. It comes complete with a debit card, clever parental controls, easy to use app, and peace of mind.


Inception: 2014 | Founder(s): Danielle Free

BTCPOP offers a unique P2P Banking experience with Instant Loans, Investment Pools, Collateral Tied Loans & More. We are constantly improving and developing our services.

31. Chime

Inception: 2013 | Founder(s): Ryan King, Chris Britt

Chime is a new kind of bank account that helps members lead healthier financial lives and automate their savings. How do we do this? By eliminating unnecessary fees and using technology to help our members form healthy financial habits. With Chime, you get a Chime Visa Debit Card and an FDIC bank account that can be managed entirely from your smartphone.

30. Qonto 

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Alexandre Prot, Steve Anavi

Qonto is the only neobank dedicated to small businesses. Qonto aims to become the next generation bank for entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups by providing an online service that will allow them to create an account in less than 5 minutes, instantly receive an IBAN and get started to manage the company’s physical and digital business cards and perform their day to day operations.

29. Lunar Way

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Ken Villum Klausen

Lunar Way is digital banking for the millennial generation. They believe in banking that is easy, personal and driven by mobile technology. They think banking should be about having a digital extension of the lives they live individually in order to manage their finances in an open, friendly and collaborative way.

28. Xinja

Inception: 2017 | Founder(s): Eric Wilson, Founder & CEO

Xinja is building Australia’s first, independent,100% digital bank designed for mobile; re-imagining the banking experience in customers’ interests. Following the success of ‘neobanks’ in Europe and the US, the founders felt it was time Australians had access to this kind of technology (and indeed that there was an opportunity to ‘leapfrog’ these trailblazer international products by introducing new features); apps that help customers make the most out of their money. As Xinja rolls out deposit accounts, mortgages and other products, the lack of branches and costly legacy systems means low or no fees and more competitive rates. And unlike other banks, Xinja is designing with customers. Products are developed around specific problems, and customers are articulating these via interviews, workshops, and (soon) online forums.

27. Penta

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Lav Odorovic (CEO) and Luka Ivicevic (Growth)

Marketplace of business apps and financial products for businesses in one bank account.

26. LootBank

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Ollie Purdue

This is Loot: a current account and contactless Loot Mastercard® card, offering insights into your spending with personalised features to manage your money. Whether you’re working towards an around the world trip or your next meal out, Loot believes there’s never a reason to miss out. Loot’s investors include SpeedInvest (Holvi, Curve) and Global Founders Capital (iwoca, Kreditech).

25. Bud

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Edward Maslaveckas

Bud is a banking app and website that aggregates financial services: you can use all of your financial apps in one place. Traditional banks, fintech companies and other financial services, you can use them all. Bud is the most customisable and future proof innovation in banking. It’s a completely new way to take control of your personal finances.

24. BankCLEARY

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Fara Remtulla, Philippe De Backer

We are tearing up everything you know about banking and re-building it from the ground up. It’s going to be defined and shaped by us together.

23. Tide

Inception: 2017 | Founder(s): Saul Klein, Robin Klein, Ian Hogarth

Tide is a banking service designed especially for small businesses. We automatically categorise your transactions as you make them, so your bookkeeping is done before your accountant starts work. Upload any invoice from a supplier and Tide will read it to prepare a payment for you – no typing required!

22. Revolut

Inception: 2014 | Founder(s): Nikolay Storonsky, Vlad Yatsenko

Revolut is a global money app that includes a pre-paid debit card, currency exchange, and peer-to-peer payments. Revolut currently charges no fees for the majority of its services, and claims to use interbank rates for its currency exchange.

21. Timo

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Claude Spiese

Timo is a new kind of bank that doesn’t charge you fees, so you can focus on other things in life. This means you can withdraw at 15,700 ATMs and transfer to anyone in Vietnam all fee free while enjoying interest on your deposits.

20. B Bank

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Powered by Clydesdale Bank & Yorkshire Bank

B is an intuitive digital banking service created for people who want to take more control of their money. With B, you get a current account, a savings account and an easy-to-use app for tablet and mobile. An app that’s packed full of super-smart features to give you a clearer view of how you spend and save. Remember you’ll need to use both your compatible tablet and smartphone to get all the features.

19. NUBank

Inception: 2014 | Founder(s): David Vélez, Cristina Junqueira, Edward Wible

Nubank is the leading digital finance company in Brazil. The company offers a mobile credit card platform with platinum Mastercard credit services. It also provides a mobile app, with which customers can manage their daily transactions, credit limit and expenses in real time. Nubank is committed to fighting complexity and empowering Brazilians to take control of their finances. Over 3 million people have already applied for Nubank’s credit card since it was launched on September 2014.

18. Kakao Bank

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Kim Beom-soo, Rim Ji-hoon , Lee Wooram

Kakao Bank, South Korea’s second internet-only bank that opened a month ago, is bringing the catfish effect in the local banking industry by drawing interest rates and commission cuts on traditional offline banks.

17. Pepper

Inception: 2017 | Founder(s): Lilach Bar David, CEO, Pepper

Pepper was born to completely transform the banking world and bring you a state-of-the-art, fully transparent and completely fair account management, money transfer, and investing experience – all on your mobile, but with service from real human beings.

16. Monese

Inception: 2013 | Founder(s): Norris Koppel

Monese was the first 100% mobile current account in the UK. Today, people from all over Europe can open a UK personal current account in minutes, free from the hidden fees and restrictions that legacy banks impose. Central to our offering is a revolutionary on-boarding process – customers can join instantly using our mobile app. Once installed, you follow simple step by step instructions to open and verify your account, including providing a picture of your passport or ID card, along with a video selfie. The advanced technology built into our app means that we can confirm your identity, and provide account details (account number and sort code) in just a few minutes.

15. Orange Bank

Inception: 2017 | Founder(s): Stéphane Richard, CEO and Chairman

Orange Bank has not simply transferred conventional bank uses to an online application: From the start, they were designed for mobile phones. As a result, 100 percent of the transactions and interactions between the customer and Orange Bank can be carried out using a mobile phone.

14. Soon Banque

Inception: 2013 | Founder(s): Jef Van In

AXA Banque’s SOON was created in 2013. SOON integrates the latest technological innovations in the banking world: NFC contactless payment, spending expenses with its relatives via Paypal.

13. Monzo

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Tom Blomfield, Paul Rippon, Jonas Huckestein, Gary Dolman, Jason Bates

Monzo (previously Mondo) is a digital, mobile-only bank in the UK. Monzo offers a high-tech banking app and credit card. It gives users instant balance updates and offers to its clients a range of intelligent notifications such as tracking recurring payments and providing summaries of exactly where their money goes each month. Monzo’s users have spent more than £20m in over 130 countries since its launch.

12. Tandem Bank

Inception: 2013 | Founder(s): Matt Cooper, Michael Kent, Ricky Knox

Tandem is creating a better bank, challenging legacy banking by building an app and products with input from their community of users. Tandem’s goal is to make money simple, help their users save, and to free up their time from financial stress. Ultimately, Tandem aims to become a one-stop-shop for financial needs.

11. Starling Bank 

Inception: 2014 | Founder(s): Anne Boden

Starling Bank is creating a mobile app that will replace its clients’ current accounts so they can make better decisions with their money.

10. N26

Inception: 2013 | Founder(s): Valentin Stalf

N26 is Europe’s first Mobile Bank with a full European banking license and is setting new standards in banking. N26 has redesigned banking for the smartphone, making it simple, fast and contemporary. Opening a new bank account takes only eight minutes and can be done directly from your smartphone. Users receive mastercard to pay cashless or withdraw cash all around the world. They can block or unblock their card with a simple click and send money instantly to friends and contacts.

09. K-Bank

Inception: 2017 | Founder(s): Established by Financial Services Commission

K-Bank provides online banking services which include handling deposits, loans, credit cards, and providing wealth management products. The company is based in South Korea. K-Bank operates as a subsidiary of KT Corp.

08. Hello bank!

Inception: 2013 | Founder(s): Jean Lemierre, Chairman, BNP Paribas

Hello bank! is a digital direct bank owned by BNP Paribas that started operations in 2013. The bank operates in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Austria. BNP Paribas has claimed that is “the first 100% digital mobile bank in Europe”.

07. Atom

Inception: 2014 Location: UK Founder(s): Anthony Thomson, Mark Mullen

Atom is building the UK’s first bank designed specifically for digital, offering easy and convenient banking, along with unique and engaging ways to manage money. Atom has been recognised in KPMG’s 2016 Fintech 100, being in the Top 10 companies using technology to drive disruption globally within the financial services industry

06. EQ Bank

Inception: 2014 | Founder(s): Andrew Moor, President and Chief Executive Officer at Equitable Bank

EQ Bank is focused on providing a better banking experience – one that makes sense in today’s go-anywhere, do-anything world. That means to give online money access 24/7 and a personalized Customer Care Centre that’s not limited to banking hours. With no branches,EQ Bank offers clients great interest rates and no monthly fees on EQ Bank Savings Plus Account. EQ Bank is launched by Equitable Bank, a bank with over four decades of experience in the Canadian market.

05. BankMobile

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Jay Sidhu, Luvleen Sidh

BankMobile is a mobile application that offers a branchless banking experience without fees.


Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Dr Bernd van Linder, CEO of CBD

CBD NOW is the UAE’s first digital-only bank targeting millennial and digitally connected customers.

03. digibank by DBS

Inception: 2016 | Founder(s): Piyush Gupta is Chief Executive Officer and Director of DBS Group

digibank is a smart bank shrunk to fit into your smartphone. It’s flexible, available and totally dependable with its high standards of safety. digibank is brought to you by DBS Bank, one of Asia’s leading financial institutions that’s recognised as the ‘Safest Bank in Asia’ by Global Finance for seven consecutive years.

02. MYbank

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Eric Jing, President of Ant Financial is also MYbank’s Executive Chairman

MYbank, one of China’s first privately owned online banks. MYbank is a challenger bank that provides an entirely digital banking experience. MYbank provides inclusive and innovative financial solutions for customers based in urban and rural areas.

01. WeBank

Inception: 2015 | Founder(s): Ma Huateng, Founder, president,CEO and executive board member of Tencent Zhidong Zhang (or Tony Zhang), co-founder, former CTO and second-largest individual shareholder of Tencent

Named WeBank after Tencent’s popular messaging app WeChat, the financial institution is the first private online bank in China. WeBank is a commercial bank with an online focus that utilizes facial recognition security software. WeBank offers small personal and auto loans, and investment products through their online platforms. For seven months period right after its official launch in January 2015, WeBank disbursed over CNY 800 million in “personal micro loans”.