Shenzhen Innovation Study Tour

Shenzhen Innovation Study Tour


20 May 2024 - 21 May 2024    
All Day


Shenzhen, China

The Shenzhen Innovation Study Tour, scheduled for May 20 and 21, 2024, will encompass Shenzhen and Hong Kong, spotlighting their zenith of innovation in global technology.

Often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of China”, Shenzhen stands as a hub for hardware innovation, digital technologies, and AI-driven solutions. This metropolis has cultivated a unique ecosystem that has given rise to transformative tech giants and innovative startups. Adjacently, Hong Kong, a key global financial hub, has seamlessly integrated technology with its finance legacy, emerging as a hotspot for fintech innovations, digital banking, and startup incubation. Together, these regions offer a compelling glimpse into Asia’s formidable convergence of technology and finance.

The Banking Academy’s Shenzhen Innovation Study Tour 2024 invites participants to a two-day experience, unveiling elite Chinese financial leaders who will dissect the technologies and paradigms altering the financial landscape. This tour will combine immersive site tours with insightful deliberations featuring masterminds behind breakthrough advancements, poised to offer game-changing revelations for financial blueprints in the digital age.

Key focus areas will include AI applications, digital finance, visual recognition, and Hong Kong’s vibrant startup scene.


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