Austin-Based Episode Six Targets Hong Kong for Virtual Payment Expansion

Austin-Based Episode Six Targets Hong Kong for Virtual Payment Expansion

by April 30, 2024

Episode Six (E6), a global provider of payment processing and digital ledger infrastructure, has announced plans to expand its operations in Hong Kong.  The decision comes in response to the region’s growing demand for virtual payment solutions.

John MitchellEpisode Six Hong Kong

John Mitchell

“We’re seeing increasing demand for virtual card payments, which our platform is perfectly suited for. We’re also seeing an increase in demand for our virtual account, and we’re expected to have growing penetration around these two products in Hong Kong throughout the rest of the year,”

said John Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of E6.

Brian Muse-McKenneyEpisode Six Hong Kong

Brian Muse-McKenney

E6 is also set to broaden its focus to include lending services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

“We know there’s a push from the regulators to see more innovative working capital solutions deployed to SMEs, and we have a product that takes the concept of ‘buy now, pay later’ [BNPL] but industrialises it and makes it fit for purpose for commercial banks to offer to SME customers,”

said Brian Muse-McKenney, Chief Revenue Officer at E6.

E6 is poised to officially launch its new BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) product in the latter half of this year, enabling customers to make purchases and defer payment without incurring interest.

With strategic partners like PayMe, HSBC’s mobile payment service in Hong Kong, and MasterCard, Episode Six remains optimistic about its expansion and growth prospects in the region.

Since its founding in 2015, E6 has extended its reach to over 35 countries, with a significant focus on the Asia-Pacific region due to its rapidly evolving financial technology landscape. 

E6 has been active in Japan since 2017, capitalising on the country’s fintech-friendly environment to enhance payment infrastructures.

A recent partnership with Singapore-licensed financial institution DCS Card Centre will allow fintech companies to issue branded credit cards through E6’s platform, reducing the launch time from months to weeks and integrating capabilities for top-ups with both fiat and digital currencies.

Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik