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HSBC Unveils PayMe for Business App in Initial Beta Test

HSBC’s PayMe announced the launch of a beta test programme for PayMe for Business, a new person-to-merchant (P2M) payments app in Hong Kong. The beta test will involve 15 businesses from a diverse range of sectors from food and beverage,

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A Snapshot of Hong Kong’s Emerging Mobile Payments Scene and The Players

70% of Hongkongers said they have never paid for something using their smartphone, revealed a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Productivity Council in 2018. Despite the plethora of mobile payment options popping up in the city, on 23% surveyed

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Is Hong Kong Ready to Go Cashless?

Seeing the popularity of WeChat Pay and Alipay in China, it is easy for some to assume that these mobile payment apps are equally popular in Hong Kong. Unlike China, Hong Kong is still largely a very cash dominant society.

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