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Octopus Cards Shifts Towards Digital Wallets on Smartphones

Octopus Cards Limited is facilitating a shift towards digital payments in Hong Kong, encouraging the transition from the traditional physical Octopus cards to a smartphone-based wallet. This strategic move is in response to the changing dynamics of the payment system

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At Long Last, iPhone Users Will Soon be Able to Use Their Phones Instead of The Octopus Card

Octopus cards will soon be usable virtually via an iPhone, according to the city’s e-payments giant. With the iPhone’s Apple Pay, Octopus users would be able to use their phones to pay for travel, or other purchases, or even their

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Bank & FinTech Collaboration Models – How Big Banks Plan Fight the Big Tech Challenge

Sometime around the tail-end of 2010 the banks started realising that something called a FinTech could be a threat to their business. This is a time when some senior executives in the bigger banks were asking the digital leaders if

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