Research Paper Examines the Impact of China’s New Regulatory Regime for P2P Lenders

China, the undisputed fintech leader, has seen its online lending market grow rapidly since the late 2000s, fueled by the high online penetration rate and the encouragement of the Chinese government, which sees Internet finance as an important vehicle to foster

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The Peer To Peer Lending Industry In Hong Kong – High In Potential & Competition

Hong Kong is a well known financial centre in Asia which serves as a gateway to China. According to one of the subsidiary Hong Kong Exchange, there are 157 licensed banks and 1280 licensed money lenders in Hong Kong. So

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WeLab Attracts High-income Young Professionals Through Partnerships With Financial Institutions

WeLab, one of China’s largest mobile lending and credit analytics platforms, is leveraging further into traditional financial institutions’ war chests to grow its capability to issue loans. They have entered a partnership with several financial institutions in China, including Guangdong

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