Overseas In-Store Payments On Alipay Increased 700% Yoy During Golden Week 2017

Overseas In-Store Payments On Alipay Increased 700% Yoy During Golden Week 2017

by October 13, 2017

Golden Week 2017: Alipay stats


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  • This Golden Week, Alipay users conducted eight times as many in-store transactions overseas as they did last year.
  • Asia dominated the list of top-ten destinations in terms of transaction volume.
    • Hong Kong topped the list, followed by Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Asia also saw much of its fastest growth in Alipay use from last year.
    • In Singapore, transaction volumes increased by 30 times.Thailand saw six times the transaction volume of last year.
    • In Japan, transaction volumes were 16 times that of last year’s figure, while in Hong Kong and Taiwan, volumes were 13 times the 2016 figure.
    • In Australia, transaction volumes increased 20 times, while New Zealand saw a six-fold increase.
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  • Overall per capita spend increased by 50%to 1,301 yuan.
    • Unsurprisingly, per-capita spending was much higher than average in destinations outside of Asia, particularly in Europe, where users spent an average of 3,150 yuan through Alipay.
    • Switzerland posted the highest per-capita spend (36,298 yuan (US$5,506)) of any country or region, well over ten times the average for Europe as a whole.
    • The U.S. and Canada (1,648 yuan) and Australia and New Zealand (1,415 yuan) were also above the global average (1,301 yuan).
    • In southeast Asia, Thailand (1,519 yuan) and Singapore (1,376 yuan) were above the global average (1,301 yuan). Malaysia (940 yuan) were below the global average as merchant types in the country varies from duty free stores to convenient stores and coffee shops.
    • Includes shopping, flight tickets, hotels, dining and attraction tickets.
    • Per capita consumption in Singapore was 3.4 times from last year and Thailand’s was 2.4 times from last year. People are spending much more with Alipay in the region.
  • Those born in the 1980s and 1990s accounted for 84% of all users.
  • Users consumed over 2 million e-coupons in Alipay.
  • Over 200,000 coupons from the aforementioned countries (Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia) were utilised over 60% during Golden Week.


*Note: All comparisons are on a YoY basis against last year’s regular seven-day Golden Week holiday unless otherwise stated. Spending figures refer specifically to in-store transactions unless otherwise stated.

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