Spotlight on 6 Fintech Innovators at Asian Financial Forum

Spotlight on 6 Fintech Innovators at Asian Financial Forum

by January 22, 2024

The 17th Asian Financial Forum (AFF), held in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, recently concluded, marking another successful gathering of leaders, innovators, and visionaries from various sectors.

Organised jointly by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the event centred on the theme of “Multilateral Cooperation for a Shared Tomorrow.”

The forum highlighted Hong Kong’s significant position in the fintech industry, a hub with over 800 fintech companies and 3,900 startups, including ten unicorns. The past year, in particular, saw remarkable growth in this sector, supported by the strategic oversight of regulatory bodies.

Key features of the AFF were the Fintech Showcase and the Fintech HK Startup Salon, which featured six fintech firms specialising in areas ranging from payment systems to regulatory technologies, demonstrating the sector’s diversity and dynamism.

These fintech entities presented their latest innovations at the forum, contributing to the global dialogue on the future of financial technology.

The event not only underscored Hong Kong’s influential role in the fintech landscape but also showcased its commitment to fostering innovation and technological progress in financial services.

Six Featured Fintech Companies at the AFF Showcase




Airwallex has developed a system for handling international financial transactions, enabling businesses to conduct cross-border payments.

Their platform supports transactions in over 50 currencies across 130 countries, aiming to facilitate global trade by simplifying financial processes such as payroll and multi-currency accounts.

In August 2023, per regulatory filings, it received a significant capital injection of SG$220 million (approximately US$165 million) from its Cayman Islands-based parent company.

Airwallex has raised US$1.1 billion over 12 rounds of funding to date.

Micro Connect

Micro Connect


Micro Connect presents a novel model in microfinance, focusing on connecting global capital with micro and small businesses.

The introduction of Daily Revenue Obligations (DROs) is a significant move, offering investors a new way to engage with the daily financial flows of small businesses, primarily in China.

Micro Connect’s focus extends beyond just financial transactions.

It aims to empower one million small businesses to achieve substantial annual profits and assist 10 million workers in reaching significant annual incomes.

Cynopsis Solutions

Fintech Asian Financial Forum

Specialising in RegTech, Cynopsis Solutions automates and digitises compliance and regulatory processes, focusing on Know your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

The company is recognised for its excellence with awards like the MAS FinTech Awards and inclusion in the RegTech100.

In 2021, Cynopsis Solutions reported revenue of US$875.3 thousand, with offices in Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Vietnam.

Their technological solutions aim to reduce the regulatory burden on financial institutions, addressing a critical need in an era of increasingly complex financial regulations.

Evident Limited

Evident Logo

Evident Limited’s services are centred around the launch of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and asset tokenisation.

They aim to assist investors and founders in the often-complex realm of capital management, particularly in alternative investment classes.

As a corporation licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission for Type 1 regulated activities, Evident Limited strongly focuses on various specialities. These include impact investments, private markets, alternative assets, trading, venture capital, startups, real estate, infrastructure, and carbon credits.

Their digital tools and platforms are designed to simplify these processes, making capital raising and management more accessible and efficient.

Propcap Technologies Ltd

Fintech Asian Financial Forum Propcap Technologies Ltd

Propcap Technologies Ltd, operating in secured real estate lending in the UK and Japan, employs AI and advanced technology to streamline property valuation and borrower risk assessment, enhancing efficiency and accessibility in property investment and lending.

In a significant move towards sustainable finance, Propcap has introduced the “Overseas Property Green Mortgage.” This initiative offers favourable mortgage rates to overseas property buyers selecting energy-efficient properties, aligning with the global urgency to address climate change.

Furthering its commitment to sustainability, Propcap has earned the ESG Registered Badge, a testament to its dedication to sustainable development goals.

Silcube Financial Systems


Silcube Fintech Asian Financial Forum

Silcube Financial Systems offers a unique online platform that allows clients to explore its services independently, departing from traditional sales methods.

This approach enables clients to understand the system at their own pace without sales pressure.

This method aids in reducing costs and accelerating digital adoption in the market.

Silcube focuses on private debt clients, providing essential features like payment plan management and covenant monitoring in a user-friendly interface, all while maintaining simplicity and avoiding the complexities of larger systems.

Access Post-Event Insights

While the forum has passed, interested individuals still have the opportunity to engage with the content through a video-on-demand pass.

This allows access to the rich discussions and presentations that took place, focusing on collaborative innovation in the fintech sector, which drew over a hundred global finance and business leaders.

To explore the insights and breakthroughs shared at the 17th Asian Financial Forum, interested parties are encouraged to purchase the video-on-demand pass, ensuring they don’t miss out on the valuable content from this notable event.