2022 Cyberport Venture Capital Forum Facilitated Over 300 Fundraising Matches

2022 Cyberport Venture Capital Forum Facilitated Over 300 Fundraising Matches

by November 3, 2022

Cyberport’s premier annual venture capital event, the Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (Forum) was successfully concluded on 28 October 2022.

The forum was held again in a hybrid mode, gathering over 100 international venture capital experts, investors, venture companies and the Cyberport start-up community for two consecutive days. The forum, together with the Smart Living Venture Day, the Startup Workshop and the Startup Clinic, attracted around 2,500 participants and about 110,000 page views on the online platform. In addition, the forum also facilitated over 300 one-on-one meeting between investors and start-ups.

2022 Cyberport Venture Capital Forum

Peter Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Cyberport, said,

“Venture capital funds and investors play a crucial role in helping start-ups grow and prosper, and transforming Hong Kong into an international innovation and technology hub. Despite the current fund raising challenges, many of our venture capital fund partners are still active. Together with Government’s recent initiatives including the Strategic Tech Fund, we are confident on the sustained growth in Hong Kong’s I&T sector. Cyberport will continue to promote and facilitate the connection of start-ups with investors with a view to expanding their business networks, turning the fruits of their innovations into business opportunities, facilitating the living of citizens, and creating a triple win for startups, investors and the society.”

Over 20 scholars, industry practitioners, investors and start-ups were invited to participate in the Smart Living Venture Day, which was held for the first time this year. Four forums were held around EdTech, ArtTech, GeronTech and SocialTech. The themes are “Transforming Education with Technology”, “Reimagination of the Artistic World: Opportunities and Challenges”, “Engineer an Innovative Retirement Life: GeronTech & HealthTech” and “To Make a Change in the Society – A Sustainable Model in Redistributing Resources”, which explore the market demand, challenges and impact of the four types of technology on society, as well as the development of start-ups and the future of venture capital in smart living.

2022 Cyberport Venture Capital Forum

The first Smart Living Venture Day was held on the second of the Forum, inviting academic authorities, industry leaders, social enterprise leaders and start-up representatives to share the development prospects of four major smart living areas, including EdTech, ArtTech, GeronTech and SocialTech.


In addition, the Forum this year again featured Start-up Workshop sessions hosted by seasoned investors from Amino Capital, AngelHub and The Purposeful Project, offering practical tips and strategies to entrepreneurs with topics such as extending runway and leading in uncertain times; investing in Web3 in a bear market, exploring opportunities in the circular economy and the secret to building a successful business. At the Start-up Clinic, members from Cyberport Professional Services Network including CW CPA, Egon Zehnder, Ernst & Young, The Hoffman Agency, OPo Technology and Trinity Bridge Asia provided free interactive consultation services for addressing essential entrepreneurial issues of start-ups.

Along with over 100 virtual exhibition booths, the integrated online event platform of the Forum , will remain open until 16 November for start-ups to showcase their innovative technology solutions, network with industry peers, explore business opportunities and watch the Forum contents on demand. Online investor matching session will continue until 7 November.


Featured image credit: Edited from Unsplash