6 Promising Startups to Take Center Stage at the Asian Financial Forum

6 Promising Startups to Take Center Stage at the Asian Financial Forum

by January 16, 2024

The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2024, to be held in Hong Kong on January 24 and 25, presents an opportunity for in-depth discussions on various significant topics.

This year, the forum will explore areas such as global economic trends, asset management in Mainland China, insurance, risk management, and emerging fields like green finance and generative AI.

According to InvestHK’s 2023 Startup Survey, which recorded a notable increase in the number of startups to 4,257, indicating a growing entrepreneurial energy in the region. In this context, the InnoVenture Salon at the Asian Financial Forum 2024 aims to highlight a select group of globally promising startups.

Each startup offers unique insights and solutions in their respective fields, indicating the potential for future advancements and creative problem-solving in technology and finance.

By featuring these six startups, the upcoming Asian Financial Forum underscores its commitment to fostering innovation and diversity in the financial and technological sectors.

Qatalis Oy


Qatalis Oy is a Finnish startup specialising in convergence technology.

Utilising the power of AI and data, Qatalis Oy offers solutions in web development, cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Their state-of-the-art technology is geared towards advancing these sectors through cutting-edge applications.




Kooky.io is a Korean platform aimed at transforming how K-pop fans interact with artists. It engages a significant portion of the global K-pop fan base, facilitating discovery and interaction.

The platform operates on a dual business model: for B2C, it allows artists to sell content and concert tickets directly to fans, while for B2B, it collects K-pop fan data for marketing and brokers partnerships between artists and companies.


ColibriTD Startups Asian Financial Forum

ColibriTD, located in Paris, specialises in quantum computing with a team skilled in physics, computer science, and technology.

The company focuses on integrating quantum algorithms into various applications, including web development, cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

The startup recently completed a €1 million (HK$8.5 million) seed funding round. This funding, led by Earlybird Venture Capital’s Earlybird-X fund and supported by angel investors, is intended for the development of a hardware-agnostic quantum-as-a-service platform.

One Satoshi

Startups Asian Financial Forum

One Satoshi Trading (Hong Kong) Limited, operating in Hong Kong, offers fiat-to-crypto spot trading services. The company has established over 10 physical branches in the region, facilitating the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and USD Coin.

Customers can complete transactions quickly by using their smartphones to access cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. One Satoshi World also provides a membership program that includes discounts and rewards.

Their focus is on promoting cryptocurrency use in Hong Kong by ensuring fast, convenient, and cost-effective transactions.


Libertify, the Hong Kong FinTech FastTrack 2023 winner, is guided by the motto “Connecting our financial B2B Partners to the Next Generation.”

They specialise in utilising AI to generate video content and insights from extensive financial and news data, making complex information more accessible.

Additionally, Libertify offers an AI risk-management solution (AIRM) that combines financial modelling, data analysis, and AI technology to enhance efficiency for fintech and traditional finance industry players.


Startups Asian Financial Forum

Based in Hong Kong, Binery provides AI-driven accounting services tailored for SMEs, particularly in the online business and tech startup sectors across Asia, with additional offices in Singapore and Malaysia.

Their platform offers an automated solution for bookkeeping, allowing users to upload receipts and invoices.

The AI system processes these documents, handling tasks like sorting, storing, recording transactions and generating financial reports. This service streamlines accounting processes, enabling business owners to focus more on their core business activities.