How API Solutions Can Unlock Bond Opportunities

How API Solutions Can Unlock Bond Opportunities

by January 12, 2023

Financial regulations and IT changes are creating an environment where businesses must quickly adapt to stay relevant to their clients. Clients expect a secure, seamless, and efficient way of staying connected with the global markets.

Companies are increasingly looking to have fintech solutions that can make a difference to their clients and businesses.

In the bonds market, most bonds trade over the counter. It takes tremendous effort to manually handle every transactional process, including checking for liquidity, creating settlement instructions, handling complicated corporate actions, performing manual reconciliation, etc.

Manual processing may also increase the risks of human errors, bringing a higher labour cost and the turnaround time required to complete a single transaction.

Many banks, securities firms, and financial institutions are transforming manual workflow to digital process automation to drive efficiency and save cost for their organisation, significantly reducing or eliminating unnecessary manual processes, while enhancing overall customer experience.

API integration could be an option to support digital process automation

One can understand Application Programming Interface (API) as a handshake between two people, and in IT terms, API can be seen as a handshake between two interfaces, usually, the client’s system and vendor’s server, where the client sends out requests for information or instructions, and the vendor’s server sends back the desired responses.

API Solution provides comprehensive product data, transaction channels and account records, enabling firms of all sizes to outshine traditional banks and conventional financial institutions who are still struggling to digitalise their operations.

iFAST Bond API solutions

iFAST Bond API can help banks, securities firms, and financial institutions to build a solution that best fits their needs without incurring huge upfront development costs, and the solutions will be able to:

  • Connect once and standardise the operating processes across different terminals
  • Serve millions of end-clients
  • Obtain bond information and key figures, such as coupon data, yield, and yield to maturity
  • Gain access to the bond calculator application
  • Auto integrate with Bond Quotes API, providing access to receive bond quotes from counterparties worldwide.
  • Receive bond prices with no mark-up and with no hidden cost
  • Enhance digital wealth management offerings by automating the transaction process
Glory Lau

Glory Lau

Glory Lau, General Manager, Platform Services at iFAST Financial (Hong Kong) said,

“We are delighted to introduce our Bond API to our customers, iFAST will continue to show our strong commitment to delivering reliable and innovative solutions to different banks, securities firms, and financial institutions to improve the ease of transactional capabilities as well as enhance the user experience.”

APIs are undeniably powerful tools that firms of all sizes can rely on to digitalise their business, and particularly so in the Asia Pacific region, where there has been an increasing number of fintech and non-financial brands that are able to tap into the financial market by breaking down financial products into digestible chunks.

Both retail customers and business clients value convenience and availability on-demand when it comes to managing their investments.

iFAST Fintech Solutions is equipped with a full suite of API solutions and specifications, its RESTful API framework provides customers with easy access to wealth management solutions, which can be seamlessly implemented into their businesses and services.

Connect with iFAST’s experts to learn more about its flexible and innovative fintech solutions to help your organisation capture business opportunities.


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