Cyberport’s Fund Invested a Total of HK$14.87 Million Into Four of Its Startups

Cyberport’s Fund Invested a Total of HK$14.87 Million Into Four of Its Startups

by July 13, 2021

Hong Kong digital tech park Cyberport has invested a total of HK$14.87 million (US$1.92 million) in four of the startups in its network including Lynk, Rice Robotics, Dash Living and Hex Trust over the past six months through its Cyberport Macro Fund (CMF).

The four startups receiving the capital injection by the CMF cover fintech and smart living clusters, including Rice Robotics which develops autonomous robots at scale, Dash Living which promotes community co-living through its platform, Hex Trust which provides institutional custodian solutions for digital assets and Lynk which manages a global expert platform using artificial intelligence and big data.

As CMF’s first investee back in 2017, this is Lynk’s second round of capital injection.

The funding has brought in extra co-investments amounting to HK$154 million (US$19.92 million), which add up to a total amount of funds raised to HK$169 million (US$21.84 million).

Cyberport had set up the CMF with an initial size of HK$200 million in August 2016 to provide seed to Series A stage funding to its startups in order to facilitate the overall development of entrepreneurship and angel investments in Hong Kong.

This April, an additional HK$200 million has been injected into CMF and its investment scope has been extended to Series B or later stage funding to help promising startups’ further development.

The CMF has so far invested around HK$139 million (around US$17.9 million) into 19 startups and brought in extra co-investments of over HK$951 million (around US$122.7 million), bringing the total amount of funds raised to over HK$1 billion (around US$140.6 million).

Dr. George Lam, Chairman of Cyberport.

Dr. George Lam

Dr George Lam, Chairman of Cyberport, said,

“The capital injection from Cyberport Macro Fund will further accelerate these start-ups’ development and attract international investors, speeding up their expansion to overseas markets.


The injection of $200 million into the Cyberport Macro Fund and extension of its scope to cover Series B or later stage investments will reinforce Cyberport’s support for our startups’ fundraising capabilities and allow us to thrive in our role as a venture capital bridging platform. ”


Featured image: Cyberport Campus