CompareAsiaGroup Rebrands as Hyphen Group

CompareAsiaGroup Rebrands as Hyphen Group

by February 19, 2021

CompareAsiaGroup, a Southeast Asian financial marketplace, announced it has completed its rebranding to Hyphen Group.

Hyphen said in a statement that the new name, brand identity, logo and website reflects the “company’s renewed commitment to accelerate the digitisation of the financial ecosystem as well as to connect consumers to a better financial future through innovative personalised digital experiences”.

The company added that the new name Hyphen, derived from the ancient Greek word “under one”, was selected to represent the relationship between its parent company and its digital finance brands.

The rebrand follows its acquisition of Singaporean finance assistant platform Seedly, the launches of two new B2B SaaS products, and a team expansion with the addition of 100 staff in 2020.

Hyphen’s investors include Pacific Century Group, Experian, Goldman Sachs and IFC which is a member of the World Bank Group.

Together with Seedly, Hyphen reportedly has more than 10 million users each month.

Sam Allen, Chief Executive Officer of Hyphen Group explained,

Sam Allen, Chief Executive Officer of Hyphen Group

Sam Allen

“With the new name and brand Hyphen Group we signal how our company has evolved over the years. We started with financial comparison seven years ago, but we feel we are just getting started. We have since evolved into a comprehensive financial management platform offering comparison, content, community and membership services to consumers, and SaaS services to financial institutions across Greater Southeast Asia.


Helping people through comparison remains at the core of what we do, but with Hyphen we reflect our broader mission to connect finance across Greater Southeast Asia, as seen with the launch and acceleration of eKos_Connect, the acquisition of Seedly, and a pipeline of exciting new products and strategic partnerships to come.”


Featured image credit: edited from Unsplash