Chinese Personal Finance Fintech Sponsors NBA China

Chinese Personal Finance Fintech Sponsors NBA China

by October 11, 2018

X Financial and NBA China announced today a multi-year marketing partnership that makes the company an official marketing partner of NBA China.

X Financial is a leading technology-driven personal finance company in China, and it is NBA China’s first time cooperating with a company in China’s personal finance industry.

The announcement was made at a press conference in Shenzhen by TangYue, Founder and Chairman of X Financial. Dikembe Mutombo, NBA Legend and Zhang Zhehan, a Chinese actor, were also present at the press conference.

Starting from the 2018-19 season, NBA China will integrate X Financial and its brands including, Xiaoying Wealth Management and Xiaoying Card Loan, into NBA China’s marketing and media platforms to share the excitement of X Financial’s business with NBA China fans. X Financial will also bring NBA players and legends to China to interact with fans and grow the games.

As the official marketing partner of NBA China Games 2018, X Financial activated the games with extensive brand inclusion on and off the court. In addition, the company hosted the “X Financial Basketball Club”, a fan interactive event in Beijing between Sept15-16, where lucky fans won tickets to NBA Fan Day in Shanghai on Oct. 4, the day before the Dallas Mavericks and Philadelphia 76ers played in Shanghai on Oct. 5, 2018.

Derek Chang

Derek Chang

“We appreciate X Financial’s genuine passion for basketball, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the NBA family,”

said by Derek Chang, NBA China CEO.

“The NBA is excited to introduce X Financial into our platforms in China to connect with fans and celebrate our game.”


“X Financial just got listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and we consider it X Financial’s adult ceremony,”

said by Tang Yue, Founder and Chairman of X Financial.


Featured image by JC Gellidon on Unsplash