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Hong Kong Fintech Week 4000 attendees from over 50 countries

Following the speeches, presentations and panel sessions involving financial technology experts from around the world, the main story emerging from the second annual Hong Kong Fintech Week, which ended on October 27, is that Hong Kong is very much a Fintech leader

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11 Fast Growing FinTechs in China

IDC Financial Insights has unveiled a list of 11 fast growing fintechs in China, part of the broader FinTech 101 list for Asia/Pacific. “IDC’s FinTech Fast 101” refers to the fast-growing fintech players in Asia/Pacific based on extensive on-ground analysis

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Ant Financial Worth US$75B, Considers IPO in HK Next Year, All Facts you Have to Know about Alipay

Ant Financial, Alipay’s parent company and Alibaba’s financial-services affiliate, is said to be worth US$75 billion, according to Elinor Leung, the head of telecom and Internet research at CLSA in Hong Kong. According to a Bloomberg report, Leung estimates that

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