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Top 10 Fintechs in South Korea

South Korea’s fintech industry remains small compared to the likes of China or Singapore but the sector is expected to grow significantly in the years to come supported by the government’s commitment to boost development and establish a favorable environment

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10 Fast Growing FinTechs in South Korea

IDC Financial Insights has unveiled a list of 10 fast growing fintechs in South Korea, part of the broader FinTech 101 list for Asia/Pacific. “IDC’s FinTech Fast 101” refers to the fast-growing fintech players in Asia/Pacific based on extensive on-ground

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Top 10 Fintech Startups in South Korea

Fintech has become a hot topic in South Korea, fueled by the government’s ambition to position the country as a center for tech companies and a commitment of US$230 million to help foster startups, and driven by the financial services

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