10 Fast Growing FinTechs in South Korea

10 Fast Growing FinTechs in South Korea

by October 13, 2017

IDC Financial Insights has unveiled a list of 10 fast growing fintechs in South Korea, part of the broader FinTech 101 list for Asia/Pacific.

“IDC’s FinTech Fast 101” refers to the fast-growing fintech players in Asia/Pacific based on extensive on-ground analysis of the dominant fintech players within the region.

10 Fast Growing FinTechs in South Korea



8% is Korea’s leading online financial service. The 8 percent platform allows many small investors to It is a way to make a loan and the borrower repays it to investors every month. With 8% of online evaluation systems and platform technologies, You can provide high-yielding financial products. The domestic lending market was divided into low interest rate products of banks and high interest rate products of savings banks and lenders. 8% through technological innovation. We have pioneered the high-yielding loan market and will continue to take responsibility for service development in order to contribute to healthy public finance.



World Largest Crypto-currency Exchange, Bithumb. BTC Korea co improves every inconvenience from previous Bitcoin trade markets, to serve YOU only with the best of best price, high security/availability and high speed.




Blocko is a company researching and developing Blockchain services to spread the technology to various industries. CoinStack is a Backend-as-a-Service platform developed by Blocko to help our customers easily adopt the new technology through API(Application Programming Interface)



DAYLI Financial Group

DAYLI Financial Group is the largest FinTech company established in February 2015. Our goal is to provide financial services that enrich the daily life of our customers around the world, based on the services and technological capabilities required for financial innovation such as artificial intelligence, block chains, robot advisors, and passwords.




Kakaopay is the affiliate of South Korea’s Internet giant Kakao Corp. It is a payment system that’s built-in on the KakaoTalk messenger app. Kakao Pay provides services like peer-to-peer payments to KakaoTalk friends, viewing and paying bills, membership benefits, and more.




Korbit’s mission is to enable the free flow of value by utilizing new technologies such as Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Starting with financial services, we are creating a world where individuals can transact with each other freely, without sacrificing security or convenience.



Naver Pay

NAVER Corporation is Korea’s premier Internet company, operating the nation’s top search portal. NAVER has rolled out a wide range of innovative and convenient online services that enable people to enjoy their lives. A number of surveys demonstrate that the company is regarded as an undisputed leader in the online services industry worldwide. Naver pay allows users to pay for an item online only with their Naver IDs.



PeopleFund is the first peer-to-peer lending platform to partner with a Tier 1 Bank to process loans through a bank-integrated system. PeopleFund uses an automated calculation system that only takes 40 seconds to determine a borrower’s personal interest rate.



Tera Funding

Tera Funding is a “Domestic First ” Real Estate P2P Financial Tera-funding in Seoul, South Korea.




Viva Republica

Viva Republica is the provider of P2P money transfer service ‘Toss’ based in South Korea and has been marking aggressive growth ever since the application launch in 2015. We have recently raised capital of USD48mn from a consortium of Paypal and Venture Capital firms and in total, successfully raked a sum of USD78mn from leading investors including Goodwater Capital and Altos Ventures.



Note: List is arranged alphabetically. Source: IDC, 2017


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