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China Enters a New Age of Fintech

After a period of rapid growth and innovation, the Chinese Internet sector is entering a new phase of development on the back of new stringent regulations, changing demographics and geopolitical tensions, according to the South China Morning Post’s annual China

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3 Ways China’s Bigtechs are Helping to Tackle the Coronavirus Crisis

In the midst of the global health crisis involving the novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV), China’s bigtechs including Tencent and Ant Financial, the financial affiliate of e-commerce giant Alibaba, have deployed solutions and set up financial aid programs to help combat

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Facebook Got Data Privacy Wrong, but Could it Get Blockchain and Fintech Right?

It is becoming more apparent that the financial services industry is being reshaped by bigtechs, or the big technology players such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba, which are leveraging data and consumer insights to offer a unique, personalized

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