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How China’s Virtual Banks Are Offering Loans to Micro-Businesses Within Minutes

In China, online lenders are filling the credit gap, leveraging cutting edge technology including artificial intelligence (AI) to make lending decision in just a second. E-commerce giant Alibaba’s MyBank and Internet conglomerate Tencent’s WeBank, have dramatically changed the domestic financial

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Digital Insurance Grown 20 Times but Traditional Channels Still Dominant in China

The insurance industry is on the brink of a major transformation, driven by factors such as macroeconomic development, changing consumer expectations, technological innovation and increased competition, according to a recent insurtech report by jointly published by ZhongAn and KPMG. In

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China E-Commerce Industry Enters “New Retail” Era

The Chinese retail industry is entering a “new retail” era, characterized by the widespread use of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to digitalize the entire value chain, according to PwC. China is the world’s biggest consumer

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