Fintech Infographic of the Week: Ethical AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to play a key role in the future of financial services and more broadly in what UBS and the World Economic Forum refer to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” The global economy is on the

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How China is Quietly Shaping Asia’s Fintech

When one considers China’s influence on the rest of Asia, it is often seen as a benchmark; how China’s dramatic move into a cashless society has financially emboldened more of its populace, created more financial inclusivity for the underserved thus

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Meet the new Startups in the DBS Hong Kong Accelerator

The new DBS Hong Kong based Startups which will try to shape he future of banking are:   Avoka is a software company focused on digital customer acquisition in financial services and government. Founded in 2002 in Sydney, Avoka has

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Infographic: The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival , Mobile Payments

The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival generates bigger numbers every year than any other online sale in the world. This year’s final tally hit a new record: $17.79 billion in gross merchandise volume, up from $14.3 billion in 2015. But Alibaba

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Top 10 Asian Fintech Deals

The Top 10 Asian Fintech Deals are:  10. Mint Quantum Inc. Mint is a fintech company that uses big data handling techniques to build a financial and credit system.     9. Coverfox is simply a smarter way

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A New Record-Breaking Year for WeChat Red Packets

Tencent said they wouldn’t participate in the “Red packets” (红包 / Hongbao) war this year. …well, they won it anyway! Key highlights: 14.2 billion red packets sent in 24 hours, 76% year over year growth! 760,000 were sent in 1 second Guangdong is the province which

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