Top 10 Asian Fintech Deals

Top 10 Asian Fintech Deals

by October 23, 2017

The Top 10 Asian Fintech Deals are: 

10. Mint Quantum Inc.

Mint is a fintech company that uses big data handling techniques to build a financial and credit system.




Coverfox is simply a smarter way for people to buy and manage their Insurance. It offers products online for Indian customers across categories like Health, Car, Life , Travel and Home Insurance. All the top insurance brands in India offer their products via Coverfox.



8. Mswipe

Mswipe is India’s largest independent mobile POS merchant acquirer & network provider. We believe in serving the smallest of merchants. India currently has 12-15 million SMEs and mobile POS is the only channel which can efficiently link these SMEs to mainstream financial services & digital commerce. Today less than 500,000 SMEs have any type of POS. Mswipe aims to provide seamless mobile POS solutions to such merchants across India and create India’s largest financial services platform for SMEs.


7. Ice Credit

Founded in early 2015, IceKredit has become a leading fin-tech company. IceKredit leverages rich data from reliable sources to customize more relevant, accurate models. Incorporating advanced Big Data Technologies and Machine-Learning Algorithms, IceKredit provides clients with customized, actionable marketing solutions and value-adding predictive analytics. IceKredit specializes in credit assessment and differentiates itself from other competitors by firmly standing on three key pillars: Data, Model, and Analytics. Using big data to provide powerful insights, innovative models to make smarter decisions, and accurate analytics to achieve better results, IceKredit empowers its clients to optimize marketing campaigns, reduce costs, boost efficiencies and enhance profitability.


6. Zhongan Insurance

Zhongan Insurance is the largest insurer in China. Leveraging our proprietary technologies, we develop innovative ecosystem-oriented insurance products and solutions through scenario-based settings to better serve our customers.



5. Wacai

Wacai is a Chinese mobile app developer and the creator of a personal finance management mobile app.




4. Wecash

Founded in Beijing in early 2014, Wecash is the first Chinese technology company to apply big data and machine learning to prevent fraud and determine credit worthiness in the financial sector. Our first product – the Wecash app – has changed the lifestyle and consumption patterns of countless consumers in China. With over 80 million users and 30 financial institution partners, Wecash’s technology has been successfully applied to evaluate consumer credit for loans in 3C, agriculture, aesthetic medicine, home rental, cars, insurance and travel, facilitating more than US$2.2 billion in loans.


3. Tuandaiwang

Tuandaiwang is a Chinese peer-to-peer lending startup and the operator of The company is valued at US$1.46 billion.



2. Futu5

Fu Yu is committed to using Internet thinking to optimize the operation of existing securities services in Hong Kong, Through the investment services network and electronic, into the most cutting-edge Internet technology and design, So that investors can easily experience the most convenient one-stop investment services.


1. One97

One97 Communications Ltd. is India’s leading mobile internet company.  One97 runs Paytm, India’s largest digital goods marketplace.




Source: Vigna Stefana, Innovation Observatory Office, Italian Fintech Ecosystem Presentation at Fintechweek HK

top 10 asian fintech deals

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