A Summary of Serviced Offices in Hong Kong

A Summary of Serviced Offices in Hong Kong

by September 26, 2018

The city-state Hong Kong has long been a staple in the Asia Pacific market. Home to a number of financial giants, a thriving commercial real estate economy, and other corporations, the region, which is already densely packed, is looking to expand outward into other areas.  With investments pouring in from China, Hong Kong is still the hottest ticket in town.

For those looking for office space, however, Hong Kong’s high rents – some of the highest internationally – are very unattractive to business interests, especially if you are on a tight budget. Worse yet, if you are currently looking for office space in the city-state, looking for affordable office space is difficult, especially when it is not a renter’s market. However, there is a solution. Servcorp serviced offices in Hong Kong can provide your business with a number of solutions to your office space dilemma.

Continue reading to learn more about serviced offices in Hong Kong and how this office format can help you to take your business to the next level.

Office Plans

Serviced office providers can fit out your business in Hong Kong with a variety of formats. The fully serviced office provides your business with furnished space in one of its luxurious skyscrapers in Kowloon or off of Finance Street, placing you smack dab in the middle of downtown business. These offices come with support staff that can assist you with your business needs.

Furthermore, they simplify the process of moving into a new space by streamlining everything. With your serviced office, the utilities are paid for by the leasing company, and you only need show up to the office to work. Serviced office plans are a great way to scope out the area when looking for permanent office space and can be modified based on your business’s needs.

Leasing Terms

The serviced office leasing terms are some of the most flexible in that businesses are not required to commit to protracted leases, and this is especially great for those who are not quite sure they are committed to the area. Furthermore, the leases are scalable and can be adjusted to meet any business growth, and if the leasing company has more than one location, it makes relocating very easy, almost effortless. Finally, the initial start-up costs are very low in that businesses only need to come up with a deposit in the amount of the first month and first month’s rent.

Support Staff

Most serviced office providers offer tenants support staff as a part of the package. This includes receptionists that in some cases are bilingual, and IT support staff to help with your computing needs. When the building is closed, most companies provide businesses with after-hours access to the building and an answering message, which can be accessed twenty-four hours a day.


One of the perks of choosing a serviced office is that many of the offices are located in prestigious locations. You get the benefit of working in some of the most affluent areas in Hong Kong without the ridiculously high price tag. When comparing the cost to lease space through a serviced office with conventional leases, you are essentially getting a bargain. The serviced office allows you to lease office space in a premium location, which can do wonders for your business’s image.

Premium Office Space In The Centre Of Business

Again, Hong Kong’s majesty has produced wonders in business internationally. If doing business in the city-state and not confident in leasing space on your own, the serviced office is one way to get comfortable with Hong Kong’s commercial real estate landscape. With the serviced office, your workspace can be overlooking the province’s beautiful landscape while working in one of the prestigious business districts in the world.