Prudential Introduces Digital Claims Submission System And AI Platform

Prudential Introduces Digital Claims Submission System And AI Platform

by December 15, 2017

prudentialPrudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”) today announced two new additions to its digital transformation line-up that harness automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other technological innovations in order to provide a more personalized and accessible experience to customers.

Launched today, eClaims is Hong Kong’s pioneering electronic claims submission system that covers all types of individual hospital claims. It is a new self-service customer platform that enables customers to both submit their hospital claims electronically and get instant claims status updates, making insurance claims an easier and hassle-free experience.

Following a pilot rollout to financial consultants in August this year, Prudential will also be extending a new AI-powered Chinese-language virtual assistant “Ask Prudence” chatbot service to its customers, allowing around-the-clock online inquiry service.

“Prudential is at the forefront when it comes to innovations and has introduced digital solutions, including PRUmobile, myPrudential and PRUone, that provide our customers and agents a convenient, easy and streamlined way to access the information or services they need,”

said Sam Lim, Chief Transformation Officer at Prudential.

“There has been a growing demand for more internet- and mobile-enabled service offerings that complement traditional paper-oriented processes. The new additions seek to offer customers an end-to-end digitalized experience which sits at the core of our customer journey.”


Electronic claims submission system for all types of individual hospital claims

prudential eclaims

Prudential’s customer-focused eClaims puts customers at the heart of the claims process, allowing them to submit a claim and upload the required documents anytime, anywhere. Available to Prudential policyholders in Hong Kong who are registered users of the myPrudential online portal, this new service also comes with real-time claims status updates, through instant notifications, making the claims process more seamless and efficient than ever.


AI-assisted “Ask Prudence” chatbot offering 24/7 access for Prudential customers and agents

Soon to be launched to Prudential’s customers, the “Ask Prudence” chatbot allows customers to check useful information, such as policy changes, claim request submission procedures, payment methods, etc. With a platform that adopts “Natural Language Processing,” the chatbot, which is initially available with Chinese language, is trained to understand non-scripted questions, clarify queries and deliver responses in a way that simulates human conversations.

On the myPrudential portal, customers can easily open an online conversation window with the “Ask Prudence” chatbot with a simple click of a button.

In addition, a chatbot platform specially-designed for agents has been piloted with Prudential agents. It enables them to instantly retrieve information, such as a customer’s policy cash value, policy premium due to date, claims status and more, allowing them to provide timely service to clients. With machine-learning capabilities at the backend, the service will continue to be enhanced during the pilot stage and will be rolled out to the whole of Prudential’s agency force in Hong Kong in 2018.

“As our chatbot platform matures, it will enable agents to respond more quickly and broadly to customer requests, further driving customer experience and satisfaction,”

Mr. Lim said.

Prudential customer portal

Prudential login portal