9 Must-Attend Fintech Events in Hong Kong in Q2 2024

9 Must-Attend Fintech Events in Hong Kong in Q2 2024

by March 11, 2024

Hong Kong is home to a vibrant and diverse international fintech hub comprising approximately 1,000 fintech companies, data from the government show.

More than 10 of these companies are unicorn startups valued at US$1 billion and over, including HashKey Group, ZA International, WeLab, and Airwallex.

This ecosystem is growing on the back of soaring fintech adoption. According to the 2023 PolyU Asklora Fintech Adoption Index, 74% of the Hong Kong adult residents polled are using at least two fintech services and over 90% have adopted digital payments. The adoptions of virtual wealth, virtual banking and insurtech is also high, standing at 57%, 55%, and 41%, respectively.

As fintech to grow and develop in Hong Kong, a number of conferences and events are being organized in the city to allow industry professionals and stakeholders to connect, build meaningful business relationships, and keep up with this rapidly evolving landscape.

Today, we look at some of the most highly anticipated fintech events taking place in Hong Kong in Q2 2024. These large gatherings are expected to bring together some of the world’s most renowned fintech leaders and decision makers to discuss the biggest opportunities and pressing challenges facing fintech players in Hong Kong.

Digital Transformation Conference

March 11, 2024

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Digital Transformation Conference

On March 11, 2024, the Digital Transformation Conference will take place at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), located in Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong. Hosted by the HKUST Business School in collaboration with the USC Marshall Initiative on Digital Competition (IDC), this event promises an enriching experience for attendees.

The conference will offer a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing, accompanied by light refreshments courtesy of HKUST Business School and USC Marshall IDC. Attendees can expect to engage with an esteemed lineup of keynote speakers and researchers hailing from prominent business universities in Asia and America.

Key topics to be explored include digital transformation, platforms, regulation, competition, healthcare, and more. Participating schools will include HKUST, University of Southern California, University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Florida, City University of Hong Kong, and University of Tennessee.

Keynote speakers will include:

  • Reiko Aoki, Commissioner, Japan Fair Trade Commission
  • Rasul Butt, CEO, Hong Kong Competition Commission

Banking Unbundled: Fintech’s Role in Ecosystem Building

March 21, 2024

Citi Client Centre, Hong Kong

Banking Unbundled- Fintech’s Role in Ecosystem Building

In collaboration with Citi, the Digital Banking and Payments and Wealth and Investtech Committee of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) will be hosting an upcoming event titled “Banking Unbundled: Fintech’s Role in Ecosystem Building”. The event aims to explore the evolving relationship between fintech disruptors and traditional banking institutions.

The evening will commence with a fireside chat featuring Ronit Ghose, Global Head for Future of Finance at Citi Global Insights. Ronit will share insights gleaned from his expertise in areas such as Digital Assets, the Metaverse, Web3, and AI applications to finance.

Subsequently, expert panelists including Zak Allom, CEO of Beta Smartz, Angel Chan, APAC Expansion Lead at Wise, Ronson Chau, Head of Growth at Bindo Labs, and Stephane Lesaffre, Founder and CEO of Finverse, will explore how fintech innovations are reshaping banking services and customer experiences, and how traditional banks are adapting and integrating these advancements.

Digital Assets Asia 2024

March 27, 2024

Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, Hong Kong

Digital Assets Asia 2024

On March 27, the Digital Assets Asia 2024 event will take place at the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel in Hong Kong. This event, aimed at exploring the realm of digital assets and tokenization initiatives in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, will dissect the opportunities, challenges, and nuances inherent in this emerging ecosystem.

Attendees can anticipate engaging discussions, knowledge-sharing sessions, and networking opportunities designed to foster deeper understanding and collaboration. The event will cover a broad spectrum of topics including interoperability, blockchain analysis, anti-money laundering (AML), taxation, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, asset management, and digital identity.

Digital Assets Asia 2024 is expected to boasts an impressive turnout, with over 250 attendees representing more than 110 companies. The event will feature insights from over 40 speakers, addressing key themes such as the evolving institutional landscape, liquidity and market access, tokenization’s promise in offering efficiency and transparency, navigating asset diversity ripe for tokenization, and the transition from traditional to token-native financial ecosystems.

Fortune Innovation Forum 2024

March 27-28, 2024

Rosewood Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Fortune Innovation Forum 2024

The Fortune Innovation Forum 2024, scheduled to take place on March 27 and 28, will bring together experts, investors, and leaders from some of the world’s largest companies to share insights on the transformative forces shaping the global economy.

With a focus on exploring new strategies for growth, the forum will address pressing questions surrounding recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), the escalating pace of digitalization, and the burgeoning importance of data analysis. Additionally, discussions will revolve around combatting the climate crisis, the future of the global trading system, and the evolving opportunities for financial services firms within the context of global financial hubs like Hong Kong.

Featuring engaging content, facilitated discussions by experienced Fortune editors, ample networking opportunities, and curated activities and cuisine, the Fortune Innovation Forum aims to provide attendees with valuable insights and connections to navigate the rapidly evolving global business landscape.

InnoEX 2024

April 13-16, 2024

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

InnoEX 2024

InnoEX 2024, scheduled from April 13 to 16, is returning to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with an enhanced international innovation and technology profile, aiming to make a more significant impact on the sustainable growth of cities and improvement of living standards.

As the leading business platform for next-gen smart solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and disruptive innovations, InnoEX serves as a focal point for regional and cross-sector collaborations, with a particular emphasis on Asia.

The event convenes influential tech experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and investors from the region to facilitate discussions on collaborations, share insights into upcoming trends, and exchange views on future opportunities. Attendees can gather firsthand market intelligence and explore potential partnerships.

Highlights of 2024 InnoEX include:

  • An exhibition which will showcase next-gen smart solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and disruptive innovations;
  • Business matching and networking to facilitate regional and cross-sector collaborations, and gain online-to-offline (O2O) business opportunities;
  • Pitching sessions to discover game-changing projects from innovators and startup founders; and
  • An intelligence hub featuring influential tech experts and thought leaders discussing upcoming trends and sharing insights into future opportunities.

Digital Economy Summit 2024

April 12-13, 2024

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

The Digital Economy Summit 2024, scheduled to take place on April 12 and 13 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, will focus on the theme “Smarter Technovation for All: Forging a Sustainable Future”. The summit will delve into the transformative potential of smart cities, examining how advanced technologies and innovative applications are reshaping urban environments and the digital economy with a focus on sustainability, connectivity, and resilience. It aims to provide a platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and policymakers to collaborate, share insights, and co-create a future where cities thrive as dynamic, livable, and forward-thinking hubs of innovation.

Digital Economy Summit 2024 will feature eight thematic forums spread across two days: the Visionary Forum, the Energy, Environment and Mobility Forum, the Smart Economy and Business Innovation Forum, the Smart Industrialization and Supply Chain Forum, the Smart Finance Forum, the Living and Inclusion Forum, the AI and Web 3.0 Forum, and the Elite Innovators Forum.

Wiki Finance Expo Hong Kong 2024

May 17, 2024

Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, Hong Kong

Wiki Finance Expo Hong Kong 2024

The Wiki Finance Expo Hong Kong 2024 will be held on May 17 at the Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck. The event promises to be one of the largest and most influential fintech and digital finance events in Asia, and it’s anticipated to bring together over 3,000 participants.

This year’s event will focus on regulation, foreign exchange (FX), crypto, Web 3.0, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse, AI and environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

Key highlights of the event include:

  • A lineup of over 50 global fintech industry leaders, providing attendees with invaluable insights and predictions;
  • Network opportunities and the chance to interact with the some of the brightest minds in the industry; and
  • Extensive support from the financial industry, with over 500 event supporting partners, 30+ sponsors, and 300+ outstanding companies backing the event.

Business GoVirtual

July 11-12, 2024

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Business GoVirtual

Business GoVirtual, scheduled for July 11 and 12, 2024 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, aims to serve as a gateway for enterprises to embrace the digital future and drive business transformation. The event aims to help businesses in their digital journey, providing them with insights, solutions, and networking opportunities to navigate the ever-changing business landscape effectively.

Business GoVirtual will offer valuable insights from visionary leaders, particularly focusing on areas such as fintech, martech, cloud computing, and other business domains. It will feature inspiring keynote speeches, engaging discussions, successful case sharing, interactive workshops and networking opportunities. It will also showcase the latest solutions, innovations, and industry trends, enabling enterprise decision-makers to strengthen their competitive edge and forge strategic partnerships.

Key highlights include:

  • Strategic Forums providing insights into digital transformation paths for enterprises, aiding brands in expanding their businesses in the Greater Bay Area; and
  • Tech Summits which will exploring emerging technologies including the Internet-of-Things (IoT), AI and Web 3.0.

Future Finance | Hong Kong 2024

July 25, 2024

The Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong

Future Finance | Hong Kong 2024

Future Finance | Hong Kong 2024 is set to return on July 25, at The Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong. The event will offer a unique opportunity for leaders from both industries to convene and discuss the strategies and technologies driving change within their respective sectors.

Attendees can anticipate insightful discussions on key areas shaping the consumer banking and insurance industries, providing valuable knowledge and insights. Moreover, the event will offer participants the opportunity to connect with leaders from Hong Kong’s banking and insurance sectors, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.