Cyberport and Huawei Cloud to Develop “Web3 Industry Cloud” Platform

Cyberport and Huawei Cloud to Develop “Web3 Industry Cloud” Platform

by February 8, 2024

Cyberport has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei Cloud, marking a significant step towards enhancing Hong Kong’s digital innovation and technology sector.

This collaboration aims to develop a “Web3 Industry Cloud” platform, bolstering the infrastructure for local Web3 startups and promoting the wider adoption of Web3 technologies.

The agreement, endorsed by Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport, and Jason Zhang, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud Hong Kong, also focuses on talent development, enterprise transformation, and industry support in AI and Web3 fields.

This partnership is poised to drive digital transformation efforts, contributing to Hong Kong’s ambition to become a smart city and a hub for digital economy development.

It combines Huawei Cloud’s technological expertise with Cyberport’s vibrant startup ecosystem, aiming to enhance local SMEs’ digital capabilities and foster a thriving innovation and technology ecosystem in Hong Kong.

Over the next three years, both entities will collaborate on various projects, including establishing the “Web3 Industry Cloud” platform and facilitating the transformation of traditional enterprises through Web3 technologies.

Hong Kong Cyberport Simon ChanCyberport and Huawei Cloud

Simon Chan

Simon Chan, Chairman of Cyberport, said,

“Cyberport is delighted to deepen our collaboration with Huawei Cloud, a member of the Cyberport Technology Network. The partnership encompasses talent cultivation and the advancement of the digital innovation ecosystem. Together, we will explore innovation in industry cloud and related technologies while bolstering the development of AI and Web3 sectors.”

Jacqueline ShiCyberport and Huawei Cloud

Jacqueline Shi

Jacqueline Shi, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Computing, said,

“Huawei Cloud and Cyberport share common vision and missions in the popularisation of new technology applications such as AI and Web3, digital transformation of industries, and innovation and technology development, which are the cornerstone of our in-depth collaboration.”

Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik