Digital Insurer Blue Partners Adobe for Data-Driven, Personalised Offerings

Digital Insurer Blue Partners Adobe for Data-Driven, Personalised Offerings

by February 15, 2023

Hong Kong’s digital insurer Blue has partnered with software company Adobe for its cloud platform to create engaging and personalised experiences for its customers.

Blue will leverage Adobe Experience Cloud, including Real-Time Customer Data Platform (RT-CDP) and Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) for a a holistic view of its potential and existing customers.

The RT-CDP and CJA brings together data from multiple sources including its website and mobile applications.

This creates unified customer profiles to provide personalised experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints in real time.

Through this partnership, Blue said that it will be able to run effective digital marketing campaigns aimed at addressing scenarios such as defining a prospect, encouraging the first purchase, and engaging with existing customers.

Charles Hung, CEO and Executive Director of Blue

Charles Hung

Charles Hung, CEO and Executive Director at Blue said,

“As a leading digital insurer, data-driven marketing is an essential part of our strategy.


With that, this partnership with Adobe is critical for us to deliver first-class insurance experiences to our customers and empower them to enjoy simple, flexible and valuable insurance solutions.”

Simon Tate, President, Asia Pacific at Adobe said,

Simon Tate

Simon Tate

“By partnering with Adobe, Blue is set to transform its digital brand experience.


Our partnership will empower Blue to deliver world-class experiences underpinned by deep customer insights, personalisation at scale, and rich, relevant content.”