Nayapay, Alipay+ Boost Global Payments Into Pakistan

Nayapay, Alipay+ Boost Global Payments Into Pakistan

by January 25, 2024

Pakistan’s financial platform, NayaPay, has partnered with Alipay+, managed by Ant International, aiming to enhance digital payment solutions and stimulate economic growth.

NayaPay states that this collaboration will introduce QR codes compatible with RAAST and Alipay+ partners, enhancing foreign exchange inflows and unifying Pakistan’s cashless payment framework with global markets.

The alliance is designed to grant Pakistani businesses, particularly SMEs, access to over 25 Alipay+ global partners and 1.5 billion consumer accounts.

NayaPay states that the initiative will ensure efficient and secure transactions, marking significant progress in Pakistan’s digital commerce and aligning with the State Bank of Pakistan’s vision for economic and digital advancement.

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