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Ant Group and Mastercard Launch International Consumer Friendly Zones in Shanghai

Ant Group and Mastercard, along with 12 overseas payment partners of Alipay+ and other major international card organisations, have launched the International Consumer Friendly Zones programme in Shanghai. This initiative aims to enhance the travel experience for global travellers and

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Ant Group Rolls Out International Zones with Global E-Wallets and Card Partners

Ant Group, in collaboration with 11 overseas payment partners of Alipay+ and major international card organisations, launched a programme in Beijing to establish International Consumer Friendly Zones across significant tourist and commercial cities in China. This initiative, supported by relevant

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Nayapay, Alipay+ Boost Global Payments Into Pakistan

Pakistan’s financial platform, NayaPay, has partnered with Alipay+, managed by Ant International, aiming to enhance digital payment solutions and stimulate economic growth. NayaPay states that this collaboration will introduce QR codes compatible with RAAST and Alipay+ partners, enhancing foreign exchange

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