Crypto Exchange OSL Pilots AI-Powered Chatbot With ChatGPT Plugin

Crypto Exchange OSL Pilots AI-Powered Chatbot With ChatGPT Plugin

by April 20, 2023

OSL, a SFC-licensed digital asset platform and member of BC Technology Group, has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trader Bot to offer an improved user experience to its clients.

The beta client facing implementation of the AI initiative is expected to launch by the end of April 2023 and OSL will provide updates on its progress in the coming months.

The new AI initiative features machine learning algorithms and large language model (LLM) technology to automate OSL’s trading services, from support, to quotations to execution.

It also uses historical activity coupled with market events for propensity modeling, to predict and suggest likely actions for customers.

Additionally OSL’s Australian technology hub has successfully prototyped a ChatGPT plugin through OpenAI’s early access program. This allows digital asset blockchain transactions and trade execution to happen automatically through ChatGPT.

OSL said that the ChatGPT plugin work is expected to remain prototype only for some time, but is key towards the company’s longer term strategy.

The company has also provided training to all its staff, regardless of department or function. They are mandated to understand and implement the latest AI technologies.

According to OSL, it is now deeply engrossed in the API integration of AI services and the wholesale automation of business processes.

Hugh Madden

Hugh Madden

Hugh Madden, CEO of OSL and BC Group said,

“In two to five years, successful companies will have incorporated AI into their operations. Companies that have not will find themself non-competitive and distressed. I gained this belief through 2022 and set about taking the company through three phases.


1) individual productivity through the use of tooling, 2) API integration and automation of business processes, and 3) deep understanding and development of AI tools for competitive advantage and differentiation.”