livi Launches Futuristic Rabbit-Themed NFT “Mochi” to Mark Its 2-Year Anniversary

livi Launches Futuristic Rabbit-Themed NFT “Mochi” to Mark Its 2-Year Anniversary

by June 7, 2022

Hong Kong’s virtual bank livi is marking its second anniversary with the launch of NFT artwork collectibles “Mochi” that will be its new icon.

According to livi, Mochi has “travelled from the future to 2022 to scout for like-minded individuals to build a new world of financial inclusion – the liviVerse – packed with ideas and innovations from the future”.

Created by Hong Kong’s renowned artist Ping, livi will be giving out 1,888 of the limited edition Mochi NFT artwork collectible to its customers.

Each Mochi NFT artwork is exclusive and “eternal” for the recipient – being non-exchangeable, non-tradable and non-transferable.

livi customers can now join a lucky draw with the winners receiving their unique Mochi NFT artwork secure in a digital wallet in their app.

The new Mochi owners can download, share and display their Mochi NFT artwork.

As only livi customers have the chance to win a Mochi NFT artwork, those yet to join the livi until 28th June to open an account.

livi said that it is also recognising its more than 200 of its employees who will receive a token of appreciation.

Eric Lin

Eric Lin

“Everyone at livi is excited to unveil our fun new Mochi character as part of our second anniversary celebrations. It is great to introduce Mochi as our new icon.


He represents livi’s creativity, adventurous heart and community spirit, and will reinforce the emotional connection livi has built with our customers and grow with us.”

said Eric Lin, Chief Marketing Officer at livi.

Gary Lam

Gary Lam

“One of greatest transformational forces in the web today is the transition to Web3.0. At livi we are exploring how these new technologies are changing the financial services industry, as it offers us the potential to bring greater social and financial inclusion for the benefit of our customers.


We are already making use of our best-in-class emerging Web3.0 technology, such as using distributed ledger technologies like Blockchain to create our “Mochi” NFT artwork collection and showcase livi’s agile digital capabilities that exceed our customers’ expectations. These skill sets are setting us apart from others in the market, and our dedicated team also had great fun in creating something new and different,”

said Gary Lam, Chief Technology Officer at livi.