WeBank Ties up With Singaporean University to Nurture Blockchain Innovation

WeBank Ties up With Singaporean University to Nurture Blockchain Innovation

by June 7, 2021

WeBank, a digital-only bank in China, announced its summer enrichment programme on FISCO BCOS Blockchain Experience at the Singapore Management University (SMU).

FISCO BCOS is a secure, reliable, easy-to-use, and high-performance financial-grade blockchain platform, which was launched by FISCO open-source working group in 2017.

The collaboration aims to improve SMU students’ understanding and skills in blockchain and encourage innovation in blockchain practices.

Since the signing, WeBank and Associate Professor Paul Griffin from the School of Computing and Information Systems at SMU have worked together to create two full-term elective courses which combine theoretical study with practical learning, and a summer enrichment lecture.

The elective courses teach students first-hand how blockchain technology can be applied to real-world financial scenarios.

WeBank and Professor Griffin developed practical labs for the students, which includes 20 hours of lectures and 20 hours of lab experiments along with guest speakers such as Chaoxin Hu, Senior Architect from the bank.

Students of the elective courses have co-developed 19 applications in different scenarios or sectors, including insurance, healthcare, philanthropy, voting, syndicated loan, and procurement.

WeBank and SMU plan to continue this cooperation in the latter half of 2021.

Going forward, WeBank and SMU will continue the successful partnership, focus on the exploration of different use scenarios and create more engaging courses.

Professor Griffin

Professor Paul Robert Griffin said,

“Through the summer enrichment programme and elective course using FISCO BCOS blockchain, our students are able to learn more about enterprise blockchains and their applications in use cases.


The course will further strengthen our high-quality education for our students and provide them with the useful skills needed in today’s business environment.”

Zhenhua Zhao, Senior Blockchain Expert from WeBank

Zhenhua Zhao

Zhenhua Zhao, Senior Blockchain Expert from WeBank said,

“We’re glad that students who took the courses are able to apply blockchain Proof of Concepts to real-world financial services and corporate banking scenarios.


Those applied scenarios also ignite a lot of innovative blockchain development ideas here at WeBank.”


Featured image credit: edited from Unsplash