AQUMON Develops Robo Advisory Platform for CMB Wing Lung Bank

AQUMON Develops Robo Advisory Platform for CMB Wing Lung Bank

by April 19, 2021

AQUMON has developed a robo advisory platform called Wealth-Tech Services for the CMB Wing Lung Bank to provide the latter’s clients with sophisticated, low-cost, and transparent investment options.

The Wealth-Tech Services is embedded in CMB Wing Lung Bank Wintech mobile application.

Clients will undergo risk and investment preference assessments to ascertain their risk profile. A tailor-made portfolio is then recommended according to the clients’ risk appetite, region, and sector preference.

Following their purchase, monthly reports are provided to allow the clients to review their portfolio’s performance. Portfolio rebalancing and redemption options are provided to ensure that the clients’ investing preferences or needs are constantly reflected.

In this partnership, AQUMON provides the core algorithm for CMB Wing Lung Bank’s Wealth-Tech Services.

Utilising AQUMON multi-factor fund selection module, Wealth-Tech systematically selects superior mutual funds as building blocks for clients’ portfolios.

The strategy analyses factors such as AUM change, expense ratios, macroeconomic sensitivities, downside risk metrics, and track records.

AQUMON plans to work with more financial institutions in providing Robo-Advisor as a Service (RaaS) and accelerating the implementation process. The firm also plans to expand its services and establish offices in Japan, Singapore, and Shanghai.

Kelvin Lei, CEO & Co-Founder of AQUMON

Kelvin Lei

Kelvin Lei, CEO and Co-Founder of AQUMON comments,

“CMB Wing Lung Bank’s Wealth-Tech Services, the Robo Advisory platform developed by AQUMON, utilizes algorithms and scalable IT solutions to provide clients with a personalised investment solution.


Throughout the partnership, CMB Wing Lung Bank has demonstrated its outstanding values and its commitment to digital transformation. AQUMON appreciates and holds the opportunity to partner with CMB Wing Lung Bank in high regard.”