Robo Advisor AQUMON Unveils Bitcoin Investment Solution

Robo Advisor AQUMON Unveils Bitcoin Investment Solution

by May 10, 2021

Robo-advisor AQUMON has introduced SmartGlobalX, a smart bitcoin ETF investment portfolio that integrating its flagship SmartGlobal algorithms with a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), to allow clients to invest in securitised cryptocurrency assets from US$ 1,000 onwards.

AQUMON said that compared with cryptocurrency trading that demands rich investment experience, intense time and attention, SmartGlobalX can help investors manage risks and get stable returns through data-driven, automated strategies.

With lower management fees of 0.4%-1% and <1% tracking errors, Bitcoin ETFs are believed to be more liquid and secured with a higher return compared to other bitcoin investment options.

By investing in bitcoin ETFs instead of the trading bitcoin itself, AQUMON manages the complications and security concerns associated with the digital currency.

AQUMON said that investors do not need to worry about cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet security and instead fully focus on the features of bitcoin.

Furthermore, SmartGlobalX’s Bitcoin ETF allocation only makes up 2%-4% of the entire portfolio, meaning investors have bitcoin to lift up their portfolios when other segments of the market are down and vice versa.

Compared to a total return of 56.85% from AQUMON’s SmartGlobal Max, the added Bitcoin ETF gives AQUMON’s latest SmartGlobalX a total return of 106.12%.

Kelvin Lei Aqumon

Kelvin Lei

Kelvin Lei, CEO and Co-Founder of AQUMON said,

“As a digital wealth management platform that aims to make investment accessible and affordable to the general public, we understand the hurdles for retail investors to invest in this high-risk asset.


SmartGlobalX manages the risks and concerns investors have, making Bitcoin investment effortless and approachable.”