Top 8 Asia Internet of Things News of The Week

Top 8 Asia Internet of Things News of The Week

by May 23, 2017

There are some big news from Asia IoT scene last week, such as Cybersecurity Rules Proposed for Hong Kong Securities Industry, Introducing robots in hotels in Singapore as well as Sharp commits $1b to SoftBank’s $90b-plus fund in IoT push.

Below we have listed out the top 8 IoT news around Asia for this week:



To err is human. Yet it is a sign of how far computer programming has come that to err is also to be artificially intelligent.

When IBM Deep Blue won its six-game chess match against Garry Kasparov in May 1997, marking the first defeat of a reigning world chess champion to a computer under tournament conditions, there was one particular moment that stood out in Kasparov’s mind.

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Commentary: Introducing robots in hotels in Singapore is a good idea

singapre robots hotel iotMay 21, 2017

SINGAPORE: The hotel of the future in Singapore might look something like this – guests will be able to check in online ahead of arrival. A robot will serve them pre-ordered drinks, take their luggage up to their room and deliver room service orders. Room entry will probably be keyless, using a smartphone app.

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China Telecom takes NB-IoT coverage nationwide

China Telecom iotMay 19, 2017

China Telecom, the third largest mobile operator in the mainland, claims it deployed the “world’s most extensive new-generation commercial” narrow-band IoT (NB-IoT) network, reported.

After 3GPP-backed NB-IoT standards were confirmed in 2016, the company deployed the low power wide area (LPWA) technology across its nationwide 4G network on the 800MHz band, with 310,000 base stations upgraded.

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Brief: Sharp commits $1b to SoftBank’s $90b-plus fund in IoT push

Sharp_Head_OfficeMay 19, 2017

The news:

Sharp has committed US$1 billion over a five-year period to SoftBank’s Vision Fund, the massive tech investment fund that was announced in October, with a fundraising target of close to US$100 billion.

The Osaka-based company said that it sees the investment as “an opportunity to learn about the internet of things space, which will in turn enable Sharp to accelerate its business expansion as an IoT company.”

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Cybersecurity Rules Proposed for Hong Kong Securities Industry

Cybersecurity Securities IndustryMay 17, 2017

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission’s recent proposals on mitigating hacking risks in the securities industry are aimed at an upswing in cybersecurity incidents in internet trading systems in Hong Kong, technology attorneys told Bloomberg BNA.

The commission proposals include two-factor authentication for clients’ system login and prompt notification informing clients of certain activities in their internet trading accounts, the SFC said in a statement.

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China to require drone owners to register using their real names in bid to improve air safety

China drone IoTMay 16, 2017

Mainland Chinese pilots of recreational drones such as the Phantom and Mavic models sold by DJI will have to register with the country’s civilian aviation regulator starting June 1, according to a statement by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

China’s civil aviation watchdog will introduce a real-name registration policy for drone owners in a bid to address concerns over aviation safety and national security posed by increasing adoption of drones in the country.

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Some oddities in the WannaCry ransomware are puzzling cybersecurity researchers

WannaCry cybersecurityMay 16, 2017

The WannaCry malware that spread to more than 100 countries in a few hours is throwing up several surprises for cybersecurity researchers, including how it gained its initial foothold, how it spread so fast, and why the hackers are not making much money from it.

Some researchers have found evidence they say could link North Korea with the attack, but others are more cautious, saying the first step is shedding light on even the most basic questions about the malware itself.

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Is Southeast Asia ready for the robotics revolution?

Southeast Asia Robot IOTMay 11, 2017

TECHNOLOGICAL advancements over the past couple of years have brought the prospect of a robotic workforce closer to reality.

Experts believe we are now on the verge of the largest economic transformation in recorded history, with robots set to become a common feature of modern working environments.

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