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Asia’s First Robo-Advisor Mobile App Chloe To Launch in Hong Kong

8 Securities, a leading fintech firm in Asia, today announced the upcoming launch of Asia’s first robo-advisor mobile app Chloe in Hong Kong. The minimum investment amount with Chloe will be under HK$1,000. In addition, customers will have the freedom

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FINOVATE The Fintech Show is Back in Asia. This Time in Hong Kong

Finovate Asia in Hong Kong: Since 2007, Finovate conferences have showcased new innovations in banking, investment, insurance, lending, payment solutions and other financial services technology. At Finovate, selected startups and companies always did their best to impress a passionate crowd

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Hong Kong’s Fintech Industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Success Stories

In the race to become Asia’s fintech hub, Singapore and Hong Kong are undeniably the two most well placed to claim the title. Singapore and Hong Kong, two of the Four Asian Tigers, are global financial centers which rely on

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