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Global Efforts Curb Crypto Hacks and Fraud, But Challenges Remain in Hong Kong

In 2023, the cryptocurrency ecosystem saw a significant decline in illicit activity, according to data from TRM Labs.  Despite the overall proportion of total illicit funds shrinking by 9 percent year-on-year, criminals still handled over US$34 billion (HK$266 billion) worth

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Hong Kong Seeks to Regulate Stablecoins by 2024

Though crypto-assets do not pose a risk to financial stability just yet, they very well might in the near future as this new asset class continues to develop at a rapid pace. The fast-growing cryptocurrency ecosystem, the rising prevalence of

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Bitspark Co-Founder Claims SWIFT Is Hindering Innovation

George Harrap, CEO and Co-founder of Hong-Kong based blockchain remittance startup, Bitspark, has outed SWIFT for hampering fintech from driving innovation in the money transfer sector in his new e-book He argues that the remittance sector is ripe for disruption. However,

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