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Key Highlights: How Hong Kong’s New Budget Pushes for Digital Innovation

Hong Kong’s economy faced significant challenges in 2022 due to adverse external conditions. The global economy was affected by rising energy and commodity prices and high inflation levels, adversely affecting advanced economies. The Special Administrative Region, which is one of

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HashKey Group Granted Full Licences to Operate Virtual Asset Trading Platform in Hong Kong

Hash Blockchain Limited (HBL) has received approval from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC) to operate a virtual asset trading platform in the territory. The HashKey Group member will operate under a Type 1 securities licence and

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What Hong Kong’s Regulator Has to Say About Their New Cryptocurrency Regulation

When you bring up blockchain with enthusiasts nowadays, the tone of conversations usually involves them making excuses for cryptocurrency, and a plea to not let that stain your impression of the underlying blockchain technology. This is a marked shift in

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