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Top 7 Most Well-Funded Fintechs in Mainland China in 2022

China’s fintech sector has taken a big hit these past couple of years amid a broad crackdown on the tech sector that started in 2020. After largely giving tech companies free rein to grow, China has tightened its grip on

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Top 5 Most Well-Funded Fintech Companies in Hong Kong

Home to over 600 fintech companies, Hong Kong is an international fintech hub characterized by a diverse, resilient, and dynamic landscape that’s supported by a strong network of incubators and accelerators, a pool of experienced angels and venture capitalists (VCs), a host

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Top 8 Most Well-Funded Fintech Startups in Hong Kong 2020

Hong Kong is amongst the world’s top ten fintech hubs, and home to at least eight unicorns including cross-border payment services provider Airwallex, digital wallet operator TNG Fintech, and online lending platform and virtual bank operator WeLab. Over the past

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