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Hangzhou Eyes to Produce 10 Globally Known Fintech Firms by 2022

The government of Hangzhou unveiled a plan to build the eastern Chinese city into an international fintech hub by 2030. In the same plan Hangzhou aims to help produce at least 10 globally known fintech firms by 2022. The Chinese

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Hangzhou Pushes Blockchain, Fintech Innovation

Hangzhou, one of China’s top fintech hubs, is pushing for blockchain innovation. Xu Liyi, mayor of Hangzhou city, has listed blockchain development into the official government report and several initiatives have been undertaken by the government to nurture a healthy

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Fintech And Blockchain See Strong Rise In Hangzhou

When talking about fintech in China, it is common to hear mentions of hubs such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, but the lesser known city of Hangzhou is quickly catching up with its counterparts.   Hangzhou, a startup

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