The First Startup in Taiwan’s Fintech Sandbox is Now in Bed With Visa

by March 20, 2019

Just in January, EMQ was named the first fintech startup to be accepted into Taiwan’s Regulatory Sandbox to provide a more convenient and lower cost remittance service for migrant workers sending money home to Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Now, EMQ has moved away from branding themselves as a service catering to migrants, and partnered with Visa to offer cross-border remittances across Asia Pacific for both individuals and businesses.

The partnership will leverage off EMQ’s existing cross-border settlement network and Visa Direct,  which would utilise the company’s scale and reputation in real-time payments.

The end result according to the press release, should yield a seamless platform that’s quicker, more flexible and transparent: key tenets in the development of remittance fintech.

CEO of EMQ Max Liu said:

Max Liu remittance visa

Max Liu

“The payments ecosystem across Asia Pacific is undergoing significant transformation with the rise of local and cross-border cashless payments underpinned by a tech savvy population.”

“Our partnership with Visa will provide the additional infrastructure and technology to partners across our entire payments ecosystem.”