FinovateAsia Returns to Hong Kong

FinovateAsia Returns to Hong Kong

by August 28, 2018

FinovateAsia is returning to Hong Kong as the opening act of Fintech Week on October 29 and 30. The 2018 event will feature all the things that make Finovate events so unique.

The combination of short-form demos of the latest fintech innovations, expert analysis and insights from leading fintech influencers, and high-impact networking time will give attendees a chance to start conversations that yield results.

While the event will focus on fintech from and for Hong Kong, China, and the surrounding region, Finovate’s global perspective adds an additional layer of insight. Attendees from all over the world will be at FinovateAsia 2018 to explore the innovations that are driving fintech forward and connect with key influencers who are changing this exciting market.

FinovateAsia will feature Finovate’s signature demo format where 25+ organizations will have just 7 minutes each to demo their latest fintech solutions live on stage (no slides or videos allowed). The competitive application process means only truly innovative companies will be on stage. With the amount of noise in the space, staying up to date on fintech innovation has never been more challenging. At Finovate, attendees will only see the companies they really need to see.

To learn more about who is demoing and what industry issues these organizations are solving, click here.

In addition to seeing the latest innovative technologies live on stage, attendees will hear from visionary keynotes, digital trailblazers, innovators, and experts riding the wave of the money revolution and taking on the big issues facing the industry.

This extra time provides them new opportunities to connect with potential customers, partners, new talent, and investors. It will leave them with dozens of new ideas for their future product roadmap. Keynote topics and sessions will include the future of fintech unfolding in Asia, the evolution and limits of current financial regulation, digital banking, AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

“We’re very excited to be kicking off Hong Kong Fintech Week,”

said Greg Palmer, VP of Finovate.

“There are amazing things happening in fintech all across Asia, and Hong Kong is a lightning rod for innovators, financial industry influencers, and anyone who is interested in the future of money. The whole week promises to be full of great content, and FinovateAsia is going to be kicking things off with a bang.”

To view the full agenda, click here. To view the speaker lineup, click here. And to learn more about who will be attending FinovateAsia 2018, click here.

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