24 Finalists For Fintech Finals 2017 in Hong Kong

24 Finalists For Fintech Finals 2017 in Hong Kong

by December 23, 2016

The following 24 Fintech startups will be competing for their chance at the coveted Best in Show prize of US$10,000 at the Fintech Finals 2017 (FF17) pitch competition at PMQ in Hong Kong on January 19, 2017.

Each startup will have just 5 minutes to pitch their business in front of industry judges and a live audience. Next Money FinTech Finals 2017 is part of the StartmeupHK Festival organised by Invest Hong Kong.


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Trophies will also be given out for the following categories: Best Early Stage Startup, Best Growth Stage Startup and Best Mature Stage Startup. Ten of the finalists below (indicated by asterisks) were winners of Regional Semi-Finalist competitions that took place in 10 different cities in Asia and Sao Paulo. Each winner won US$2,000 for travel expenses and the opportunity to compete at FF17 in January.

In addition, the final winning team will be invited for a co-creation engagement with Visa at its Innovation Center in Singapore, to explore and ideate on business solutions and opportunities together with a team of subject matter experts from across Visa’s business.

The complete list of finalists that will be competing at the Fintech Finals 2017 in Hong Kong are:


Perpule** – (India)

landingPerpule is a mobile application that the customer downloads beforehand, and which can be used universally across all our partnered stores. On visiting the partnered outlets all they need to do is populate the in mobile cart by getting scanned the barcodes of the various items they wish to buy.



Tapview** – (Australia)
tapview-large-squareTapview is a “read more” button with a small payment attached. A user can click this button to access content on any website that has Tapview integrated, spending from a single balance across all sites – a pay once, consume many times model. Content is revealed immediately on purchase. Tapview does not host content, wrap pages or redirect users. It works on all modern desktop and mobile browsers and does not require the user to install an app or a browser plugin.


MyCash Online** – (Malaysia)

MyCash Online (MCash) keeps all your deposited money that will be used to purchase any product. From reloading online games credit to shopping gadgets online, MCash lets you shop any kind of products and services provided by merchants.app or a browser plugin.



Bluepan** – (Korea)


Bluepan has processed more than USD 40 million in remittance to Korea since May 2015.



Crowd Realty** – (Japan)
logo-1451359598Crowd Realty





Isbit – (Mexico)



Isbit is a Digital Assets Trading Platform. It allows people from all the world to safely buy and sell digital assets including BITCOIN.



Veridate – (Hong Kong)



Veridate Financial Limited (Veridate) is a Hong Kong limited liability company, established in 2015, to provide fund administration and back office services to private equity funds and hedge funds, and consolidated reporting services to family offices.



Policypal – (Singapore)



PolicyPal uses artificial intelligence to simplify and digitise insurance for you to manage all your existing policies from different insurers, so that you always have quick access to your insurance policies even if the unexpected happens.



KYC Chain – (Hong Kong)

kyc-chainKYC-Chain is a novel platform built over the convenience and security of Distributed Ledger technology, allowing users to manage their digital identity securely, while businesses and financial institutions are able to manage customer data in a reliable and easy manner.



Valoot – (Hong Kong)



Valoot links consumers using their credit card abroad straight to the foreign exchange market for ultra-competitive and real-time foreign exchange rates.




NSBeyond – (Korea)


NSBeyond‘s “Trusted Pass” product can significantly improve both security and user experience compared to any available user authentication solutions in the market. During the authentication process, users are temporarily cut off from the network of terminal unit while executing certification process.



Clare – (UK)

clareClare.ai builds white-label chatbot to help banks provide a more personalized banking experience for retail customers. Our algorithm is pre-trained with over 500,000 questions in 4 plug-n-play modules – customer service FAQ, appointment making, personal financial management and internal enquiries for IT and HR. The chatbot is also platform agnostic.



Boundlss – (Australia)

r7gi8zwmBoundlss helps people, companies and insurers improve their health & wellbeing. Using data from wearables, sensors and mobiles their digital health platform provides both computer- and human-generated recommendations at the right time and place to help you and your employees live a healthier, happier and more productive life.



Bambu – (Singapore)


Bambu will be offering it’s Robo Advisor to financial firms and also telco, internet and all consumer brands that are looking to expand their product offering into digital finance. Bambu has bought together the leading providers in each area to offer the best Robo product available.





Dataholics** – (Brazil)



Dataholics dives deep in social habits to customize the experience.




DarcMatter** – (USA)


DarcMatter is a fintech platform that provides cloud based infrastructure for asset managers to better manage, communicate and access investors. By utilizing proprietary structuring and technology, DarcMatter is able to provide a frictionless process for both investors and private issuers while remaining fully compliant of all current financial regulations.



Bugwolf** – (Australia)


Bugwolf is a fintech platform that provides cloud based infrastructure for asset managers to better manage, communicate and access investors. By utilizing proprietary structuring and technology, DarcMatter is able to provide a frictionless process for both investors and private issuers while remaining fully compliant of all current financial regulations.



Privemanagers – (Hong Kong)


Privé Financial Ltd, founded in 2011, is an innovative financial services start-up located in Hong Kong. Led by an experienced team with over 50 years of experience in the investment banking industry, Privé Financial is on the mission of providing cutting edge investment solutions to investors – both to the mass affluent and directly to institutions through a tailored consultative service.



Swipestox – (Germany)


Swipestox is a social trading application and investment network that enables its users to trade, indices, and CFDs by copying single trades, much like Tinder. Users can swipe through the trades other experienced traders have created and profit from their knowledge about the markets.



Money Dashboard – (UK)


Money Dashboard lets you see exactly where your money goes by showing all your current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards from whichever institutions you bank with, all together in one secure place. The service was first released in 2010 to help people take control of their finances, and help empower them to make the right financial decisions in life.


Blockex – (UK)


BlockEx is not in the business of picking winners in this burgeoning distributed ledger ecosystem, instead BlockEx is protocol agnostic, recognising that multiple blockchains can coexist; i.e. Bitcoin, Credits, Ethereum etc. Our role is to provide trading firms, governments and traders with access to the very best assets to trade, and platforms on which to create and issue their own digital assets.



Bugclipper** – (India)


Bugclipper reduces long email threads and multiple screenshots for reporting issue. Create a better feedback loop between app creators, testers and end users thus enabling you to build better and bug free apps.




Ayannah** – (Philippines)


ayannahAyannah provides digital commerce and payment services to the unbanked in emerging markets and the unbanked migrants in OECD countries.



Milvik AB – (Sweden)


Milvik AB (BIMA) uses mobile technology to deliver services that emerging market families need, but can’t access through traditional channels. Our approach has transformed the insurance industry and the lives of over 24 million customers worldwide.




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