BitSE Launches Blockchain-Based Product Management Platform VeChain

BitSE Launches Blockchain-Based Product Management Platform VeChain

by December 8, 2016

VeChain, a product management platform built on top of the blockchain, officially launched at an event in Shanghai.

“This is the day we have been working towards for more than three years. Our whole team is devoted to transforming this disruptive technology into practical applications. This launch is VeChain saying ‘Hello, World!’” said Sunny Lu, COO and co-founder of BitSE.

Sunny Lu, COO and co-founder of

Sunny Lu, COO and co-founder of BitSE

VeChain aims to be a bridge between the blockchain world and the real world by linking products with a unique ID and embedding that product with an NFC chip, RFID tag or QR code that is associated with the ID depending on the security requirements.

Sunny highlighted VeChain’s four core modules: VeChain Asset Management, Supply Chain Management, Anti-Counterfeiting and Client Experiences, which are all aided by VeChain’s product identity system.

DJ Qian, BitSE’s CEO and co-founder, emphasized how VeChain could be used in a broad array of industries including fashion, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, manufacturing and more.

“Blockchain technology is the next evolution of the internet, and the information we store on the blockchain will become increasingly more valuable. We are pretty excited about what our early partners want to do with our technology, and we see the reasoning for all these diverse applications. Information needs to become more connected,” said DJ Qian.

DJ Qian, BitSE’s CEO and co-founder

DJ Qian, BitSE’s CEO and co-founder

VeChain wants to help companies communicate through the blockchain and tear down the siloed walls while still maintaining privacy to assist in the world’s globalization efforts.

PwC, which has a strategic alliance with BitSE to accelerate the use of blockchain technologies in the Asia Pacific markets, spoke at the event about how PwC would cooperate further with BitSE to help their clients design and implement innovative blockchain solutions.

Last month, VeChain partnered with an independent designer brand, BABYGHOST, illustrating how brands could use this technology to create a unique experience for their customers.