Top Global Female Fintech Influencer 2017

Top Global Female Fintech Influencer 2017

by January 7, 2018

Onalytica analysed over 631K posts from 1st January – 20th November 2017 looking at social influence as well as authority by analysing how much influencers are referenced in online media, forums, blogs and YouTube content.

These influencers were then added to our Influencer Relationship Management software and this word cloud was created by measuring all the frequencies of all the keywords used in order to provide an accurate gauge of the conversation.

The most frequently mentioned topics by the top women in tech influencers were: Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Blockchain, BigData, IoT, EdTech, MarTech, InsurTech, Virtual Reality, Cyber Security. We decided to delve into these topics further to uncover the top influencers in each area.

Here are the Top 25 Female Fintech Influencer according to the influencer relationship management research company onalytica.


Anna Irrera1.Anna Irrera

Company: Reuters

Influencer Score: 100



Theo2.Theodora Lau

Company: AARP

Influencer Score: 70.64



Tamara McCleary3.Tamara McCleary

Company: Thulium

Influencer Score: 54.53



Eileen Burbidge4.Eileen Burbidge

Company: Passion Capital

Influencer Score: 48.25



Adena Friedman5.Adena Friedman

Company: Nasdaq

Influencer Score: 43.18



Ainsley Harris6.Ainsley Harris

Company :Fast Company

Influencer Score:41.81



Anne Boden7.Anne Boden

Company: Starling Bank

Influencer Score: 40.25



Ghela Boskovich8.Ghela Boskovich

Company: Startupbootcamp FinTech

Influencer Score: 39.2



Cora van Nieuwenhuizen9.Cora van Nieuwenhuizen

Company: SPVOZN

Influencer Score: 37.25



Chi Onwurah10.Chi Onwurah

Company:Labour Party

Influencer Score: 36.52



Clara Shih11.Clara Shih

Company: Hearsay

Influencer Score: 35.63



Celine Lazorthes12.Celine Lazorthes

Company: Leetchi

Influencer Score: 34.27



Susanne Chishti13.Susanne Chishti

Company: Fintech Circle

Influencer Score: 33.17



Devie Mohan14.Devie Mohan

Company: Burnmark

Influencer Score: 31.76



Heather Somerville15.Heather Somerville

Company: Reuters

Influencer Score: 31.29



Jalak Jobanputra16.Jalak Jobanputra

Company: FuturePerfect Ventures

Influencer Score: 30.54



Elizabeth Lumley17.Elizabeth Lumley

Company: DNXCommunity

Influencer Score: 30.16



Anne Hidalgo18.Anne Hidalgo

Company: French Socialist Party

Influencer Score: 29.88



Neira Jones19.Neira Jones

Company: Cognosec

Influencer Score: 28.21



Reshma Sohoni20.Reshma Sohoni

Company: Seedcamp

Influencer Score: 27.01



Emily Spaven21.Emily Spaven

Company: LinkedIn

Influencer Score: 26.94



Kiran Mazumdar Shaw22.Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Company: Biocon

Influencer Score: 26.37



Tanya Andreasyan23.Tanya Andreasyan

Company:  Banking Technology

Influencer Score: 26.21



Laura Shin24.Laura Shin

Company: Forbes

Influencer Score: 25.97



Caroline Higgins25.Caroline Higgins

Company: PwC

Influencer Score: 25.9