OneDegree Launches Cyber Insurance for Industries Beyond Web3

OneDegree Launches Cyber Insurance for Industries Beyond Web3

by April 2, 2024

OneDegree has expanded its digital asset insurance portfolio by unveiling OneInfinity Cyber Insurance, aimed at a broad spectrum of industries beyond Web3 companies.

This development comes when the digital landscape is increasingly besieged by cyber threats, amplified by the advent of AI technologies.

With a significant portion of cyber risks in Asia, either uninsured or underinsured, there’s a pressing need for more robust defences against the rising wave of AI-driven cyber threats.

OneDegree’s cyber insurance is tailored to address the complex nature of modern cyber threats, providing comprehensive coverage that includes traditional cybersecurity incidents and those unique to AI advancements.

OneDegree Cyberinsurance

Distinguishing itself from conventional offerings, OneInfinity utilises a technology-first approach to simplify the cyber insurance underwriting process.

It integrates Cymetrics’ cybersecurity exposure scanning solution to facilitate real-time risk assessment and scoring, enabling swift policy issuance for qualified businesses.

In addition to financial recovery services, OneInfinity Cyber Insurance collaborates with Blackpanda for incident response and Cymetrics for ongoing cyber risk monitoring, offering clients actionable insights and recommendations to preempt potential threats.

Alex Leung, Co-founder of OneDegree

Alex Leung

 “As we navigate through an era where digital threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace, it’s clear that traditional cyber insurance solutions are no longer sufficient. With the launch of OneInfinity Cyber Insurance, we at OneDegree are not just responding to the market’s demand for more comprehensive coverage; we’re anticipating the future needs of businesses across Asia. OneInfinity is more than insurance—it’s a partnership in resilience, designed to ensure that businesses can thrive in the digital age with confidence,”

said Alex Leung, Co-Founder of OneDegree.

Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik