ZA Bank Offers Debt Consolidation Plan With 6-Months Payment Deferment

ZA Bank Offers Debt Consolidation Plan With 6-Months Payment Deferment

by January 11, 2023

Hong Kong’s virtual bank ZA has rolled out its new debt consolidation programme ‘Debt Changer’ which seeks to make it easier for customers to repay their debts in one go and improve their credit ratings.

The new offering will consolidate customers’ debts with other banks, financial institutions and credit cards into a single loan within the ZA Bank app.

Debt Changer which also offers payment deferment of up to 6 months. According to ZA, no principal and interest repayments will be incurred during the period, offering users greater flexibility in handling their loan and credit card balances.

As the interest rates and repayment terms of loan schemes in the market vary, users may find it difficult to calculate the exact cost of each debt.

‘Debt Changer’ aims to address this pain point through the ‘Debt Consolidation Specialist’ service to customise cost-effective repayment solutions.

Users can submit their applications via the ZA Bank app round the clock, receive a preliminary approval result, and have access to this personalised experience upon the submission of the required documents.

Devon Sin

Devon Sin

Devon Sin, Alternate Chief Executive at ZA Bank said,

‘We are pleased to introduce this new debt consolidation programme to further enhance users’ digital banking experience.


Paying off debts is an important element of a healthy financial lifestyle for users. With “Debt Changer”, we look forward to standing with our users in tackling their debts and planning for a hassle-free life.’