AWS Rolls Out Gamified Tool to Help Financial Institutions Plug the Digital Talent Gap

AWS Rolls Out Gamified Tool to Help Financial Institutions Plug the Digital Talent Gap

by December 8, 2022

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of a new interactive, game-based learning experience to help individuals and organisations develop their digital skills.

Professionals and teams can play AWS Industry Quest: Financial Services to learn and build solutions for fraud prevention, data lakes for financial services, serverless deposit accounts, and more.

Players have quick access to over 20 solutions, each of which takes approximately one hour to complete and can be done in any order.

They will be able to personalise their avatar, take over a virtual financial services firm, rebrand it, and by completing solution-building exercises, boost the company to industry leader status.

Each Industry Quest assignment begins with a challenge brief describing the firm’s problem, learning objectives, and a list of potential rewards.

Using an in-game console environment, players learn how to build the solution, then apply their knowledge to complete it on their own.

When players successfully complete a solution, they increase the firm’s key performance indicators (KPIs), earn rewards to unlock new workspace furniture and decor to customise their space, and watch it grow from a one-story office to a multi-level building.

Players who want to share their progress with their networks can use the selfie cam feature to showcase their avatar in their evolving office, or complete all of the solution exercises to receive a verifiable digital badge from AWS.

These subscriptions are available for individual learners and organisations in markets including Hong Kong.

Robert Wang

Robert Wang

“At AWS, we are committed to helping Hong Kong transform into an international innovation hub and, in order to achieve this goal, specialist skills training is a priority amid the global digital skills shortage.


We have seen great success with companies around the world using game-based interactive learning to upskill their employees, which is why we are so excited about the launch of the first AWS Industry Quest designed for the Financial Services industry”

said Robert Wang, Managing Director at AWS Hong Kong & Taiwan.