BaseBit Technologies Named Pitch Winner at the Global Fast Track HK 2022

BaseBit Technologies Named Pitch Winner at the Global Fast Track HK 2022

by November 2, 2022

BaseBit Technologies bested nine other finalists to win the Global Fast Track HK pitching competition this year. The announcement was made this morning at the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022.

This is the third Global Fast Track HK pitching competition. The winner will receive a publicity campaign through the Hong Kong Fintech Week’s communication channels and a complimentary exhibition booth in next year’s Hong Kong Fintech Week.

The company combines data collaboration with data security to generate valuable insights from data for better business decision-making. BaseBit was founded in 2016 with Hong Kong as its headquarters. 

More than 400 fintech companies from around the world entered the contest in eight key fintech verticals: commercial banking; digital assets; ESG (environmental, social, and governance); investtech and wealthtech; payments; regtech; and retail banking. 

The fintechs were matched to more than 90 champions consisting of Corporates, Investors, and for the first time ever, Service Providers for mentorship and professional advice on growing their businesses and various opportunities in Asia and beyond.

The 1-2-1 business matchings were tailored to the fintechs and champions’ interests. 

In the online semi-final round, the top 10 of each vertical gave a four-minute pitch and a three-minute Q&A session in September. For the final pitch on 31 October, the eight category semi-final winners were joined by two wild cards nominated by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation from the BFSI Accelerator. 

The other nine finalists of the Global Fast Track HK 2022 were:

Binery – Commercial Banking


Binery provides AI accounting services to make accounting easy for SMEs without accounting experience. Its more affordable and user-friendly solution supports back-office duties, making it popular with digital online businesses and start-ups. Binery was founded in 2020, and its headquarter is in Hong Kong.  

Aereve Company Ltd – ESG

Aereve Company Ltd – ESG

Aereve makes screening and testing for risks and compliance using regulatory, supervisory, and blockchain technology. It is an industry pioneer in “translateral” natural language procession (NLP), making its solution unique by having English and Chinese transliteration and native-to-native capabilities. Aereve was founded in 2010 and its headquarters is in Hong Kong.  

Nanoinsure Technology (Hong Kong) Limited – Insurtech

Nanoinsure Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

Nanoinsure Technology is a low or no-code cloud-native platform helping insurers digitally distribute their products and services faster. Nanoinsure was founded in 2019 and named Kowloon as its headquarters. 

Divizend – Investtech and Wealthtech


Divizend seeks to maximize dividend return for investors with solutions that include automating the withholding tax refund process, a dividend screener, and the first international securities aggregation API. Divizend was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Paygilant Ltd – Payments

Paygilant Ltd

Paygilant protects fintech and digital banking ecosystems from fraud. Its fraud detection and prevention solutions are designed to have a frictionless user experience and maintain user privacy. Paygilant was founded in 2014 and placed its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

SteelEye – Regtech


SteelEye makes complying with financial regulations easy and accurate for its users by using its cutting-edge data analytics capabilities and report builder. SteelEye was founded in 2017, with London, England, as its headquarters.

Demyst – Retail Banking 


Demyst draws insights from external data to improve decision-making through its end-to-end platform. Over 100 banks and insurers have used its solution. Demyst was founded in 2010 and made its headquarters in New York, United States.

BetterData – Wild card nominee


BetterData focuses on making data sharing with 100% compliance by converting real data into synthetic data. Since synthetic data belongs to no one, data sharing is made instant and secure while respecting user privacy. BetterData was founded last year, 2021, and is based in Singapore.

iFinGate Ltd – Wild card nominee

iFinGate Ltd

iFinGate streamlines the regulatory compliance process by leveraging AI-machine learning, automation, and big data analytics. iFinGate is a FundingReach Group company founded in 2016 and based in Hong Kong’s Southern District. 


Featured image credit: Edited from Unsplash